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reflections: another time, another place

Both Aaron and I share a love of history - for me, it's history represented by home furnishings, and for Aaron - in books. In all of these things, we seek to learn more about a distant world that was - teaching us a unique and fascinating story - leaving still - much to our imagination to inspire, sigh, wonder and respect...

We're starting to see some of these characteristics unfold in Ava and Noah - especially when we explore such places together - whether its antique stores or old towns - what they discover sparks their curiosity and gives them an appreciation for time and how things were once made. {There's an old post about some of these jaunts here, here and here}.

So... we headed south to hill country this past weekend, to Fredericksburg - a quaint Texas town lined with stores and German eateries. We've been visiting this town for the past 10 years, and each time we go, we return - inspired. The kids played and indulged in Spunky Monkey, the General Store and on ice cream of course - As did we - stumbling inside historic buildings that house pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries from France, Italy and Sweden... Oh my... the Garten -

antique horse

To put it into perspective for the kids on what "antique" means, I said, "Noah... you see this sofa? It costs just as much as a car!" Noah asked "why?" - and I answered, "because it's over 200 years old!" Waiting for a reaction on that statement, Noah says, "can I have some apple juice?" Ava chimed in, "I don't like old things."

antique sofa

This declaration was amended when we arrived at Homestead...

antique shopping

antique shopping

Homestead welcomes you to 3 stories of unexpected finds - and enough room to roam and stroll without feeling like the kids would damage anything. It had this insanely "attic" feel of someone's old house - where each thing told an epic story.

antique shopping

antique shopping

I am really surprised at myself for not going home with this piece. {sighing...}

Outside a group of young girls sold handmade gifts to raise money. I guess most kids would save for a bicycle... or a trip to Disney World... But this sign made me laugh...

saving for a pony

So instead of a wall cabinet, I bought an ornament from the girl with the pony wish - filled with twigs, a postage stamp, and feather... all tiny loved treasures! I'm not sure where I'm going to put this one yet - but it deserves a vignette of its own to be created around it... hmmm....

handmade ornament

Did I mention that it reached into the high 70s on Saturday? We stopped for ice cream on our way to Red - a fun store with a motto I love, "modern lines. vintage finds." I was almost sold on this zinc covered dining table, but its not wide enough for what I'm envisioning. And I would have taken 2 of these stools home with me if they weren't sold already...

zinc dining table

Many of the stores hosted wine tastings, so we kicked up our boots at this one, where the back patio was so inviting. I think Noah ate about 10 crackers with cheese, and Ava opened up her new puzzle and got to work.

taking a break

As the sun began to set, the weather started to finally cool down. Making this whimsical backyard feel like a page out of The Secret Garden.


antique shop patio

antique shop patio

Here's a quick shot of Main Street decorated for the holidays...

Fredericksburg - Main St

german nutcrackers

Now - due to the surprisingly hot weather we had on Saturday - the kids wondered if snow was still in the forecast. "Who knows" I shrugged, this is Texas after all... And then we woke up Sunday morning and headed to Market Square and found little mounds of snow... waiting. It's as if Ava snuck out of bed last night while we were all sleeping, looked out the window and secretly wished on a shooting star...


We didn't inform her that the snow was actually remnants of the outdoor ice skating rink around the corner - she didn't ask, and we didn't tell. For this brief moment {I say brief because it was very cold} - her joy reveling over the white fluff was just so beautiful. And so perfect. Aaron warned her not to throw any snow balls {since he didn't have a jacket} - so instead she softly patted her hand full of snow on his back {how could she resist?}


We went to the park, and by noon - we headed back home with a few new and old things - stopping at a few more antique shops along the road... 

From discovering "things" to meeting new people and having "southern" conversations - road trips are such a wonderful way to spend time together - outside of our routine element - doing routine things. The time was short - but we didn't feel compelled to rush to see this or do that. We just were - and having the backdrop of both sunshine and "snow" on both of these two days were just... well, even more spontaneously gracious.


  1. I absolutely love Fredericksburg. Even though I returned home empty handed, it was a trip filled with memories.

    Each store we entered was a new adventure! A new treasure hunt. In one store, Noah found a 60 year old toy truck that was bargain priced at $80. [eek] I told him we would need to save our money and come back another time. He told me emphatically that he was going to save all his money for the rest of his life so he could buy a bunch of trucks. I told him that sounded like a plan and we packed up and headed to the next store in search of something else. We weren't sure what it was, but it would be fun looking for!

    By the way, that couch was $22,000... and I sat on it!

  2. Your children are so sweet. I have not any picture where they are kissing :)

  3. Ah-- what a magical adventure. Your children are beautiful, and you could almost hear the stories of those old treasures whispering in their ears! PS-- how cute is your man in these comments?!?

  4. HA! He is pretty darn cute.. :) and his musings are much funnier than mine. I keep asking (begging) for him to guest blog for me. Thanks for noticing Kate ;)

  5. Oh, Aaron, you crack me up! So glad you guys got away to Fredericksburg, we're quite smitten with that town, too! Loved the handmade "saving up for a pony" sign, precious!


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