...is the process by which we create, discover, learn and grow with those we cherish most.



More elving going on right before Christmas...including personalized tree ornaments filled with small buttons of candy, ice cream, princess crowns, stars, cars and trucks - all things the kids picked out from the craft store to reflect things they love this year.


We found these wooden candlestick holders....



... a shadow box picture frame....

picture frame

... and small wooden purse. I didn't have "pink" paint, so we mixed red and white until we got this yummy color...

painting purse

Aaron helped Noah paint and put together a jewelry box for Ava...

painting jewelry box

painting jewelry box

After they dried, I added a coat of gloss and personalized the exteriors....

painted purse

Including making hair clips for my little niece Sophia...


And added pictures to the spinning jewelry box for my Mom....

painted box

Oh there was lots of painting and hot gluing going on... until the crack of dawn - but it was well worth it! The wooden pieces came from Hobby Lobby, and the paint and embellishments I already had at home... they turned out so fun don't you think?

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