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baby... it's cold outside

My eyes barely open this morning, and I still couldn't believe what I saw. Snow. White. Soft. Snow. Falling.

First Snow

First Snow

I yelled "Ava! Noah!" and had them rush to the back door to see it for themselves. Noah kept saying, "wow...wow" over and over. It took us 20 minutes to locate and dress the kids in somewhat of a snow suit before opening the front door. And when we did, they both stumbled outside as if walking in a floating bubble.

First Snow

Ava couldn't decide what to do. Frozen in her boots, she was frustrated with her layers. Meanwhile, Noah took this opportunity to play outside and enjoy himself...

First Snow

First Snow

Ava finally got around to picking berries, but then realized she couldn't actually pick them with her mittens on. Then the twig fell from her hands.

With a grunt, she bit the end of her left mitten and took it off [even though we told her not to]...

First Snow

First Snow

After picking up her twig, she looked up and said, "Mom, it's cold," and then slipped her wet fingers back inside her mitten.

Oh baby yes... it's finally cold outside...

Our adventure outside was cut short [much to Noah's disapproval] and we read books from our home library. Some of the books took a new meaning to Ava - as she finally got to witness, touch and feel - snow. Real... cold...white...snow. Yes!

Books we recommend:
The Mitten by Jan Brett
The Snowy Day by Ezra Keats
Snow is My Favorite and My Best by Lauren Child

p.s. later in the evening, we headed back out to see Christmas lights and Ava got her mittens and hat all by herself... Yes!


  1. Zar I love your blog! When are we getting together? xx

  2. I like how Aaron is standing out in with just cargo pants what a baller!!

    It snowed about an inch here Tuesday night and now its just ice on top of the snow. So we started to see who could slide farther on the ice on your feet.

    Oh Texas snow i remember the days when it would take about 4 yards to make a snowman.

    I hope there was at least one snowball made.

  3. How nice! I love snow. We don't have it here. We had one day of snow last year, by a nature's accident. So Zoe knew snow for the first time too. She loved it.

  4. Michelle! You won't know how often I think of you! In fact, the other day I was wondering about your little girl and how much she must be growing since I last saw her. We are way overdue for a family evening together...

  5. Grego! What's a baller? And a snowball! I knew I was forgetting something. I was so fixed on the falling snow, it's been soo long since I've had any fall on my face. I simply forgot what to do with it. Memo to self - next time it snows in TX, make lots of snow balls and freeze them.

    Becareful up there sliding on ice. I don't know how you adapt to the weather between here and there... you never cease to amaze me!

  6. Julie! Isn't snow fantastic? Do we appreciate it soo much because we rarely get the pleasure of dancing under it? I wonder what people in the artics think of snow....

    Either way, I'm glad we don't get too much of a good thing. It's nice to see the kids "shocked" when surprises like this come along :) Don't you think?

  7. Your title is one of my favorite Holiday songs this year. What a beautiful shot of the trees and the close up of the snow.

    One of my favorite memories as a little kid was playing “tackle the man” in the snow. You basically had to take the football from one side of the yard to the other with out getting smeared by one or all of your buddies, you got a point if you made it across and a chance to do it again (all the padding really helped keep the injuries down to a minimum).

    I just checked weather.com and another cold front is coming through when you guys will be over this Saturday (maybe we’ll see more snow).

    I would’ve paid serious dough to see Aaron go down the slide in his shorts;)

  8. Hi Dave! Tackle-man sounds like it was a lot of fun. What a great memory!

    I surely do hope it snows again on Saturday when we come over... so we can karokee to Baby it's Cold Outside ;)

    Speaking of which, a few years ago when it was popular, Aaron and I tried to memorize it and made a deal to do a duet by Christmas. When the day arrived, both of us were making up lines as we went... I wish I wrote down our lyrics...it was great!

  9. I need to make a few things clear. First of all, why do I look like a hobo in this post. I don't know why Zarlacht posts pictures like this. I look like an ogre! Geez. (I swear I don't look like that in real life)

    I did make 1 snowball, but it was about the size of a marble. I brought it inside and put it Ava's hand. She informed me it was cold, giggled, then swallowed it. I would have put it in the freezer for a keepsake, but Ava had other plans.

    Dave.. I am totally with you on tackle the man w/ the ball. We played that game soooooo much growing up. Its a miracle nobody ever got paralyzed playing. The term dogpile comes to mind.

    And the duet.... I'm willing to give it another go.


    I can't feel my toes
    Baby it's cold outside.
    I'll have to amputate my nose
    Baby it's cold outside.
    blah blah blah blah blah...
    I need a margarita!
    (i think it goes something like that)


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