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Oh my valentine

I don't know what it is about V Day that I dread... and yet am tickled by when it's here. Maybe it's because I'm still coming out of the xmas, new year, Ava's birthday.... Maybe.

And somehow, that didn't stop me from stretching the special cupid day to all week.  Like Valentine books on our tables, chocolates set out in candy dishes, heart balloon stickers on our windows... and of course daily crafts... like making and mailing cards...


 Repurposing crayons into hearts... [find out how we did ours]


 And pink pancakes with redalicious fruit for breakfast...


Even Zoe was spoiled... and received an overdue trim and red bow...


And on the day itself, there were flower surprises and cards... lunch with the kids at school, chocolate and pink cupcakes, class parties, and a home party after school - complete with a tablescape of sweets, individual gifts and decor streaming from the light fixture. (Forgot to take a pic of that!) Even dinner was made with heart-shaped pasta!


It did get overwhelming. Because I wish I could say it was easy to pull off. But it wasn't. There were several trips (repeated ones) to the store, coordination and scheduling around the kids weekly activities/sports, taking personal time off from work... baking cupcakes at 3am, and so on. A frenzy of sorts... but all welcomed if it solicits moments like these.... 


Happy Valentines! xoxo!

Mother/Son Date Knight

Maybe you can relate, but when you have more than one child, finding unique things to do with each one becomes a bit of a challenge. I've always gone for the "family" spectacles, but with having a boy and a girl... so close in age, it's not always easy getting them to agree. About anything. So in my search for singling out time with individual kids, I came across a Mother/Son Date Knight (thanks to V day coming around the corner).

I can honestly say that I was surprised to see many of the Moms dressed up (with tiaras, costumes, and heels). Ahem... my ball gown was at the cleaners unfortunately. Still... we coordinated pretty well I guess... all in jet black.


The gymnasium was filled with knightly activities: jousting, swordsmanship training (followed by a "knighted" ceremony and a personalized "official" certificate), catapulting volley balls to hit large cardboard boxes and arts and crafts.

Outside, horses were waiting to take us on a ride... and that by far, was my most treasured moment of the night. Without jackets (a big no-no for me) in the cool brisk night, the two of us rode horses, side by side, and held hands. It was so quiet on the field, I could hear him breathing in the cold air. He said he was more cold than scared, and was having fun.

Me too Noah... I was cold and scared... to see you grow up so fast. But I'm having fun watching you grow. Every day.

Next month, Ava and I are catching Pinkalicious on stage! What are some mother and son/daughter traditions in your city to do or make time on your own for? I need ideas for next month!


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