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Hmmm... what's this shiny red bubble?

What's that?

Does it pop?


Oops. It did. How do I get this off? Wow - cool. Look what I just did...

Look what I just did

Hold it right there buddy!

Freeze buddy

That's ok Ava. Let's all paint together...

Paint together

We need some more colors. Ava, do you know what happens when you mix blue with yellow?


I'm done with my picture. What do you guys think?


Um, Dad? I know what you're thinking. But it's really not as bad as it looks.


Were we suppose to use paper?

Were we suppose to use paper?


  1. Both masterpieces!


  2. What you are witnessing in this blog entry is an ambush!

    I was watching the kids this particular day while Zarlacht was working in the office. I had just finished cleaning the kitchen, packed the diaper bag, got the kids dressed, and was about to head out to the grocery store with both kids in tow when Zarlacht came out for a coffee break. On her way through the kitchen, Zarlacht was stopped by Ava who asked if she could presumably make some kind of painting. I was probably in the back of the house grabbing my shoes and was gone for only a minute or two, but when i got back Noah was stripped to his diaper and Ava was donning her Home Depot smock which could only mean 1 thing..... art was about to happen whether i was ready or not.

    Before i knew it, Ava was painting 'whiskers' on her face and Noah had dunked a crayon in his black paint and proceeded to shove it in his mouth. I was expecting him to spit it out, but he had this look of amusement on his face and I think he was contemplating chewing it up. (On a side note, why is it that my son won't eat 75% of the food I make for him, but he will absolutely go to town on crayons, paint, paper, rocks, buttons, and anything made out of leather?)

    At any rate, Ava ended up looking like an Army commando with her camouflage face paint and Noah looked like he ate the business end of a squid right before it launched an ink attack. When I explained afterwards to Zarlacht that my plans were to take the kids out before she had got the paints out, she stated as a matter of fact that the kids had more fun painting than they ever would have at the grocery store. And thats all that really matters in the grand scheme of things.

    She was right.

  3. i love the picasso art on ava and noah's faces! Keep painting and one day it'll be in a muesam.
    Love Grandma

  4. Amazing fotos - laughed out loud at the smiley painted face. Will be keeping up to date with your blog.
    Thank you

  5. Welcome Complex Contradictions! Your blog name had me intrigued - and so I too spent some time on your blog reading - and was really amazed at how similar of a situation I find myself in when it comes to parenting and my culture - complex is definitely a great way to describe it. I look forward to reading your blog - you're a wonderful writer! p.s. I love your profile pic too ;)


Thanks for sharing - I will respond to your comment here as well so check back! xo


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