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old is new again


Remember those "stray things" I bought home a few weeks ago? Well this one is from a little girls' bedroom set [desk, hutch, dresser and mirror] that I made off with for a sweet deal. Ahem. I know, I know. But it was the vintage flowers on the drawers that got to me. And when they were willing to part with it for less than a meal out on the town, I caved.

After two weeks collecting dust in our formal rooms, I was finally inspired to stow it away for Ava's growing years. While pushing this dresser to the back, I took a detour to her room to see if it'd fit. And then... I was inspired to...

New paint

Dreamy isn't it? The best part is that it's from the lovely left-over paint I used for my studio walls - which happened to be an "oops-paint" - they hated it, but I love it kind of a find. In 30-minutes, I brushed on a new life to this piece. As I put back the vintage knobby drawer pulls... I wondered about the hands that pulled and pushed these knobs for decades... reaching for her beloved books stored on top... or inside for her most precious valuables...

After a few hours, I returned to dress it up and read some books with Ava - who responded to her new bedside table...

"wow Mommy... you painted it? I like it!"


Ava's new dresser holds her sweet two year old valuables.... [top] suitcases for mini-roadtrips, a photo of her playing at the beach, a sea shell from Seaside, Fl., reading lamp for bedtime books... [and inside] hair clips and ribbons for her and dress-up clothes for her babies...

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  1. It turned out beautiful! I was wondering... what happened to the flowers?


Thanks for sharing - I will respond to your comment here as well so check back! xo


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