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thrifting for tin toys

Carousel - Antique Tin Toy

I've resurrected my art of thrifting and since then, I've been bringing home more stray things than anyone should be allowed to in a year. I last told you about my adventures finding treasures from this past Spring- and how much I adore the discovery of finding something unexpected.

So off I go again.... It all started a few weeks ago, when we came across a yard sale sign on our street. I pulled over and Aaron offered to screen the parade trail before we confuse the kids. While waiting, I decided to let them loose - there was no telling what Aaron could pass up... Which was a good thing. Because for $5, I brought home an antique tin carousel made in Germany - that literally made my heart fizz with excitement. With a pull of the lever, the couples riding the gondolas spin into a fancy blur. It requires no batteries. Has no fancy lights or sounds. Just simple construction of tin nostalgically displaying a moment of people riding a carousel. And that alone, puts a huge smile on my face.

I felt as though this officially pinned me as a collector, now that I own not one - but two tin toy carousels, thanks to my Mom, who bought me my first from FAO Schwartz a few months ago - The Rocket Ride.

Ride a Rocket

Needless to say - Ava and Noah LOVE these tin toys. Naturally - since the box clearly states, ages 8+. So off to higher shelves they go, but with supervision [so they don't cut themselves from the corners] I'll let them play with it when they ask. Noah makes sure to reach for the rockets while spinning in mid-air - and as a result, the Rocket-Ride looks as old as its original model year - which is what makes it so completely perfect.

Ever since my first pregnancy announcement, I've had this sudden urge to preserve times of our past [and I'm not talking about the 80s that I grew up with...] but with childhood games and toys that our parents and grandparents still talk about...

Reminisce at...

Froggies 5&10 is our favorite place to spend an hour with the kids; racing cars, reading books, playing with trains.. and of course, admiring their wall-to-wall shelves with old classic tin toys.

And of course, nothing beats souvenirs from travels to antique stores & flea markets big and small...[like old globe banks...] or boutiques off of town squares -We make it a habit to dine and shop at Main Streets where ever we go...


  1. I love this carousel! I wish I had one too... I never had tin toys exactly, but I think my parents did, although none of them were preserved... Shame.

  2. Ask your Mom to describe some.. I wonder what kind they were...

    As far as toys... what do you remember playing/loving as a child and wish you had for Zoe?

  3. I loved my only doll (she was like a baby with curly brown hair), the wall-wide-blackboard in my room, the tea thing (the whole game with the teapot, cups, plates, and so... tiny ones), my jumping rope. But most of all, I adored the attention of my big sister. That, I can't give to Zoe. In fact, she has two older sisters, but they are more like aunts, since they are 26 and 22, and the oldest is expecting a baby. So maybe... there's a new special "toy" to play with.
    I'll ask my mom. I know she hadn't many toys, just a couple of beloved dolls and a red fish.


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