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summer adventures begin...

Finger painting
Roaring at the zoo
Winning an obstacle course
Catching a firefly
Driving - naked
Having a tea party - with lemonade
... and cooling off in the pool.

Summers in Texas start early....[lucky us]. We hope everyone is enjoying this time together with family - we'd love to hear about your fun activities and how to stay-cool this season. I'll be posting ours soon...


  1. Corbin and I are actually leaving for New York and then Punta Cana tomorrow!!!

    We'll comment on all our favorite experiences when we get back on the 9th!

    Much Love,

  2. As you know, Marco and I are going to London and Paris. I imagine having a family in which we take trips to Europe, South America, Africa and Asia when the kids are old enough so they can appreciate history and the world. I think kids can learn so much and bring more to the world from travel than any book they come across in the classroom. And this is coming from the mouth of a teacher! It's about having personal experiences.

    When I'm not out traveling during the summer, I love the pool or have get togethers for game nights. Or sometimes I go with my brother and his family out on the boat on Lake Travis. Shoobie loves the water!

  3. I've been thinking about you guys all weekend! I knew this trip was coming up - and I'm so anxious to hear what you guys had planned for this much deserved vacation when you get back! Have a wonderful trip!!!Much love, kisses and hugs -xoxoxox

  4. Michael&Marco - I couldn't agree with you more. Learning really is all about personal experiences. So much of my travels throughout Europe both as a student and then as a married couple - were so different. Perspectives change - and our eyes are a little wider... our needs much less...

    I truly look forward to taking the kids to soo many far away places...

    London & Paris await you both with open arms! Do have a nutella crepe in Paris for me will ya? Oh how jealous we are...

    Until then, the Dallas Zoo will just have to do... ;)

  5. Oh! What lovely photos you have in your blog:)

  6. Thank you Ze! I very much enjoy yours as well! And am so blessed to call you friend - all the way from Portugal! Hugs, Zarlacht


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