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the making of brownies... and new chefs in the kitchen

Kids - baking brownies is a very serious matter. Just ask your mother. Dad... can I crack the eggs?


First, you measure your ingredients Noah...
But Dad? The egg? Can I do it?


Son, I think we better let Ava handle it this time. Your mom likes her brownies to be extra chewy.

That's right Noah. Back away from the bowl. This is serious business. You're just the assistant to the chef - which is me.


God help me. Please don't let me smack her with my spoon.


You're not smiling anymore are you?


Kids, kids... let's focus and make magic here. This brown gooey mush is going to make everyone happy again. Watch this...


But Dad... I wanted to mix the gooey.


Mom. Are you paying attention to this? I didn't get to do anything!


Hang in there Noah. The assistant always gets to test the chef's masterpiece first.
Here you go buddy.


Dad you were right. Mom is soo going to love this.



  1. What a perfect running commentary to the photos! This is how it goes in our house too, including ending with batter on someone's nose.

  2. Thanks eight feet. I had no idea what to expect - but it was nice being behind the camera lens to capture it. And letting "Dad" clean it up ;)

    Are there other treats you've tried cooking/baking with the kids?

  3. My boys (2 & 6) enjoy helping with anything in the kitchen and love to wear their own aprons. Lately, we have had fun with mini pizzas, cupcakes and cut out cookies, blender smoothies, freezer jam, homemade lemonade and trail mix. We find inspiration in kids cookbooks, such as Mom and Me Cookbook by Annabel Karmel and Pretend Soup by Mollie Katzen.

  4. I'll have to try your suggested kid cookbooks eight feet - thank YOU! The cupcakes and mini pizzas are a great idea!

    But what is freezer jam?

  5. I do a lot of preserving of fruits/veges since our growing season is so short in N. Minnesota. For freezer jam, first you smash the fruit (strawberries and raspberries are favorites in our house)--my kids love this part. Add sweetener of your choice, and then add pectin (we use Pomona's Universal Pectin or Surejell, found at a natural foods co-op or grocery store). Ladle into jars and allow to sit overnight, then freeze and enjoy year round. With this method, the fruit has a more "just picked" flavor, though my family enjoys the cooked and canned jam equally well.

  6. What a refreshing idea eight feet - thanks again! I'll have to let you know how this turns out - at least the smashing part ;)


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