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celebrating cultural creativity

Instilling cultural traditions in our kids is not only a great way to tell stories, but it also helps them see that they are a part of a much bigger picture... where the world around them suddenly extends across oceans and people...  all drumming to a different beat than the daily routine they are use to.

A fun way to teach and engage our kids about some of the cultural differences is by participating in a multi-cultural event. Many local cities and schools host these - and in a few short hours, they are stamping their passports and being transported to faraway places through food, music, dance, and art - all creative expressions that uniquely define our nationalities...

We were lucky that our elementary school hosted one, and thrilled that Ava had the opportunity to share with her friends, a little about herself and her heritage... even going up on stage to say, "Salam. Khush ahmaden!" {Hello and welcome!}


National flags were waving high... parents adorned the tables with foods and recipes passed down to them... and music filled the air including dance lessons on how to "hula." 

Japanese calligraphy...


and henna tattoos that lasted... well... a little longer than we imagined... but they were beautiful!


I wish I had more photos to share - but I was wrapped up in the festivities of the evening. Mom came too, and made one of my most favorite Afghan dishes to share - Bolognee with green chutney and yogurt!



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