...is the process by which we create, discover, learn and grow with those we cherish most.


they're growing...

Ava had been looking forward to her cousin's birthday party for a very long time... since the day after hers to be exact. The week leading up to the party was filled with questions and drum-roll announcements that her cousin will be turning 2 AND he's having chocolate cake...

Singing HBD song


When the big day arrived, she enjoyed every moment of her day, as if it was her birthday... From raisin-fingers bath to dressing up, eating a full breakfast to playing at Grandma's house, devouring a slice of chocolate heaven to waving good-bye to the monkeys at the zoo... Ava enjoyed the gathering of us all and attention for this very special occasion, in honor of her "best friend."

In honor of our family's "brave little lion," we headed over to the Ft. Worth zoo so that the rest of the animal kingdom could wish Humzah a Happy Birthday... The blessed occasion tips us sideways in disbelief: Has another year really flown by? And will we ever accept this truth throughout their childhood?

We are at the mercy of photos and quick etchings in our memory to capture and embrace
our babies.

In these precious fleeting days we have - that I wish could always be mine and take care of - I have to accept this truth. And enjoy them all --- even from a birds-eye view.

Feeding the birds

universal language of 4 minutes

In just 4 minutes, your heart will sink, soar, and rise. For all of you that have been following our blog, you already know, Do Re Mi is Ava's anthem. For childhood. Dance. Love. She communicates through these lyrics, and breaks into song in the car, bath, and at dinner. Watch this video and bubble over the unexpected act of joy these 200 people brought - in just 4 minutes.


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