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universal language of 4 minutes

In just 4 minutes, your heart will sink, soar, and rise. For all of you that have been following our blog, you already know, Do Re Mi is Ava's anthem. For childhood. Dance. Love. She communicates through these lyrics, and breaks into song in the car, bath, and at dinner. Watch this video and bubble over the unexpected act of joy these 200 people brought - in just 4 minutes.


  1. You know, I've never made it all the way through the Sound of Music, so you couldn't call me a 'fan.' However, I AM a fan of public spectacle, so I give this two thumbs up.

    In a similar spirit, check out http://improveverywhere.com/2008/04/07/best-game-ever/

    Or even the more like-spirited http://improveverywhere.com/2008/03/09/food-court-musical/

  2. Oh my gosh, so glad to see that you're posting again!!! I loved this video, thank you for sharing, so cool! I can see Ava now dancing and singing around the room!

    Much love,

  3. I actually watch/listen to this almost every day! HOW ARE YA? Come see us sometime!


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