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big & little explorers head to the museum

Dino Dig

One of the terrific things about exploring your neighborhood is discovering how much it has to offer families. Last summer, we purchased a family membership to the Museum of Nature & Science and have learned to appreciate science in a whole new way. The hands-on activities and child-size perspectives cater to their impulsive interests. From their rotating exhibits to their permanent ones - each area offers the kids something fun while learning a whole lot. In January, we enrolled both kids into Little Explorers - an 8-week course designed to nurture the natural scientific wonder toddlers and preschoolers already have. While one attends class, the other spends one-on-one time with the other parent - giving both Aaron and I a chance to experience our kids in a different environment ourselves.

Sand Box

Water Play

Funny Mirrors

The Children's Museum, located downstairs, is separated into 5 unique areas - Dramatic play... farming... waterworks... critters and bugs... and even playing house. For the obvious reason, Noah gravitated to the cars he spotted in the sand box and carried them with him into the water play area. He even stopped to see his car in this funny mirror...

We focus on a few stations on each visit, making it that much more enticing to return and try something different next time. I highly recommend a trip if you haven't been. In fact, mark your calendar for March 3 and RSVP to attend the Children' Museum First Birthday. Admission is free from 10-12, and there will be lots of fun things to do for children 7 and under.

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  1. Sweet i finally signed up, also my favorite thing to do at the museum was the water works, but then again there was the electricity and the spinning tire (which i never got then but now i get it 100% its simply a change in the direction of momentum). The museum is always a great place to go. Would i be counted as a family member on the season pass?


Thanks for sharing - I will respond to your comment here as well so check back! xo


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