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Make everyday a Museum Day!

As you know, I'm the voice behind our Dallas SavvySource page, and have the privilege to share an exclusive offer to SavvySource readers! Most of you already know how much I love this museum - and how often we go from our blog stories! Without our family membership, we wouldn't have had all these amazing experiences - and curiosity flowing from the kids about everything and anything. We love this place - and know you will too.

Thanks to this new scholarship program - readers of Savvy can get an annual Family membership for just $45! (Otherwise, a family membership costs $90!) Offer ends at midnight on Thursday, April 15th - and more than 140 have been purchased so far! I highly recommend this offer - you can't beat this price for such a fabulous venue! Plus you can give back 5% to a preschool of your choice!


Already have one? Forgo another plastic toy - and give a family a year's worth of invaluable learning, exploration and fun with their kids at the science museum as a special gift!

Hurry - the clock is ticking! See you at the museum!


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