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a new frontier

Flight Museum

Having grown up in an all-girl household myself - engines, fast cars, and fighter jets simply doesn't take my breath away... like glitter. Or rainbows. But when I became a mom to a boy - some of that "zoom, zoom" has transpired into my list of joys. We love to watch planes pass by and pretend they are dropping off a shipment of balloons to children in China {or something fancy like that}. And I can appreciate a good car when I see one {especially italian ones}.

So it was only a matter of time before we ventured out to explore the Frontiers of Flight Museum for a little bit of that zoom, zoom... and more.

Flight Museum

Flight Museum

Flight Museum

While there is little to do and see here in this airplane hangar at Love Field airport {less than an hour}, there is still enough to be left to the imagination - for both boys and girls {including me}.

Flight Museum

Before you go...
There is a children area to the right of the entrance that includes a bounce house, reading section, JayJay the Jet Plane programming, and air control tower. On the left hand-side, parents and children will appreciate old planes hanging from the ceiling, as well as historical facts and exhibits ranging from hot air balloons to space crafts.

Take some time before or after your visit to hang around outside and watch the flights take off from Love Field. Or soar over to the library and pick out these fun books about flight and space. The Little Airplane, What's Out There?, and Spaceboy

when time runs


the other night, i forced myself to sit next to aaron while he watched a baseball game on tv. a completely rare thing for me to do. but it was his birthday after all. the things we do for love.

before the game started, a flash of baseball stats appeared on the screen, and i commented on what was to me, an obvious typo - while gushing into a bite of my almond croissant...

"that can't be right. he couldn't have hit those runs. it's not even june 16, 2010 yet."

and aaron, in his "i'm afraid to have to tell you" tone of voice - broke the news to me. it's actually july 10.

so is it possible to have time lapses between the calendar - or simply just lapses? life seems to be a continuous ball of motion - running into each other - doesn't it? i like to think of this as a good thing. the wonderful days strung together into absolutely grand weeks. but on the same token, when there are low points - the feelings of sadness, stress, and all that "blahness" lingers well beyond human exhaustion - and that's not a good thing.

Blogging has fallen into this time lapse {thus the reason for the last 2 sudden posts and pics.} i didn't want to forget them. and i wanted so much to share them with you - the absolute loveliness of celebrating family - that has strung May and June so beautifully together. but aside from these writing spasms, many other stories - lovely and not so much so - will go untold.

I often hear people say in passing - "who has time to read blogs, let alone write about anything and everything?" but the truth is, it's so much more than that.

it's a process. just like the understanding of time passing. and what and where we are in it. sharing this process {if even a fraction of it} through writing - is what connects us - at different times and spaces in our lives, whether we are searching, or happen to click through to a site one too many times. whatever the course, it's always purposeful.

like this lovely piece i just read tonight - expressing so beautifully how i'm feeling at the moment... or this photo of ava dancing - genuinely portraying what the string of days have felt like recently.

so while i continue to figure out where this process will take me - or what i will write about next and when - i wanted to say thanks for hanging in there... i loved reading the recent flow of emails in my inbox. and that i'm as anxious to read and learn about the art of family today... or maybe tomorrow... too.


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