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"i'm three... i'm three"


Happy Birthday Ava

Ava's 3rd Birthday



It's exhausting turning 3. And we can't believe it's already here.
We are proud and so very blessed. Happy Birthday Ava jan....


  1. So happy and proud to have been a part of such a wonderful day! Ava is such a sweatheart, so considerate, inquisitive and just sooooo much fun to play with!!!

    It seems just yesterday Corbin and I were over, holding 3 day old Ava in our arms. WOW!!! 3 years old...I simply can't believe it!

    Thank you for allowing us to be apart of Ava and Noah's lives...they bring so much joy into the world!

    3 humungous hugs from Uncle Dave.

    ps LOVE the photos!

  2. Oh my - that just brought tears to my eyes - I remember when she was 3 days old and how you both held her with such gentle care - and now... our 3 year old is running around, reading books with her Uncle Dave and Aunt Corbin is teaching her how to play Old Maid... Oh. My heart aches.

    p.s Thank you both for taking these photos... they capture the wonderful family event beautifully.

    Now... let's brace ourselves for what's to come from a 3 year old ;)

  3. It really does feel like yesterday when we first saw Ava as a newborn, amazing how time flies! Thank you so much for including us in the celebration, your friendship and love mean so much to Dave and me!


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