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Speeding On Trike

We're well into 2009 now and enjoying every passing moment... with or without three wheels. A month ago, she wouldn't allow him to touch it. To absolve his countless rejections, we got him his very own tricycle for xmas. But we later discovered... he is much happier riding with his big sister. And now, the two of them fly through the air.

What happened? One day they are at war, and the next, they are inseparable. The common ground? Is that they are growing ever so fast. And learning more about each other with each passing day. I sense Ava's need for having things all to herself at times - and yet, I sense Noah's need to be included where there's laughter. Each conquest is thick with envy - and I often struggle with which to help first. I find myself telling Ava, "he's your little brother. Share." Or to Noah, "she had it first. Please wait your turn."

I reflect back to my own childhood and how much of it was shared. Toys, books... friends... even our bedroom until I was 22 years old. I remember experiencing a lot of frustration at the time and needing "space." But what I remember more vividly and cherish today, were the outcomes of being together - all of the time.

Conversations and confessions in the dark... we'd lay in bed talking about everything and anything. Talking directly to the ceiling, but knowing and feeling each other's facial expressions from each tear to each smile that cracked our lips. I remember how much more delicious brownies were when split or how much safer I felt going to school everyday with my sister. There are countless more... and each remind me how much more grand life is when shared with a sibling. When my little sister came along... we got to do it all over again...

It is in these blessings that I want to extend and express to Ava and Noah:

Be close. Be loving. Be together but be yourself. Never cast a shadow on the other. And if you do, remember that shadows follow. So take turns being the light for each other.

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  1. See this was one of the things i have always wondered about how it would be to grow up with a brother or sister. There were usually kids around in the neighborhood to play with whenever.

    I hope you haven't lost many readers with the new security switch.


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