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We've all been behind on catching naps... thanks to Mama whose been off of her routine for the past 3, 4 or more [I don't know, it's a blur] weeks. I have missed sleeping through the night, because quite frankly, I haven't been even sleeping... or does dropping on my pillow several times a week at 6am-ish only to be woken up at 8am-ish count?

It's been a tough month for all of us... and we wouldn't change a thing. We're all working hard together, covering for each other when we need to. Because even as parents, there are other roles that sometimes take the lead. Aaron has been an exceptional partner through this...motivating and empowering me to pursue my work that I'm passionate about - even if that means making a pit stop for me from taco bell at 2:30am last night. [Hey, at least I didn't ask for him to bake brownies this time :)

Being a work-from-home-mom for almost 3 years now has so many pluses and minuses - that by the time I add it all up, I get a huge smile on face. And that's only because I see the smiles on every one elses. The kids have been so patient with my constant phrase, "Mommy has to finish working" and have been enjoying the adventures of Aaron taking them on "fatherly" outings [car dealerships... HomeDepot....] so that I can work uninterrupted.

But those interruptions.. are so priceless and inspire me so much. They will knock on my office door with their tiny fists and slide puzzle pieces underneath for me to catch. And occasionally, I get bribed to open the door with bluebell sandwich icecreams. And when they do make it through on their own [because I forget to lock it], they squeal with excitement... [Noah stumble's towards me] and Ava politely asks if she can see what I'm working on.

I always let her. It is so important to me, as a Mom, that my kids see me working towards my goals and a bigger picture. She'll climb into my lap, turn my swivel chair, and draw on my arms with a highlighter. Notes fly off the table, my last line written gets deleted and my stash of chocolates gets discovered.

And when I speak to my client on the phone, and explain why I've missed a deadline [or more], they always laugh with me, and ask me to bring the kids over to our next meeting :)

With a new writing job starting next week to add to all of the charades - I think we are all beyond delirum and loving every minute of it. But we do need to catch up on some rest.. [and by that, I mean going on a roadtrip with a toddler and infant in the car!] and we'll be back next week to tell you all about it!



  1. This is so familiar to me. I love your story. And yes, sometimes we just need to rest properly. Maybe one entire night?
    I will be popping the box on the mail tomorrow, for today they are on strike (I think that's it) and it's closed.
    Did you see my award for you?

  2. Corbin and I can completely understand (well as much as two people can without the excitement of having children...yet). Working for ourselves we run into the same challenges, our bosses (us) could really keep us working 24/7 without a problem.

    We're so glad to hear of your outlook on it, how incredibly positive!!!!

    And congratulations on you new writing job and the road trip, how fun!!!

    Corbin and I can't wait to read about it, and hopefully, see the pics in person ;)

    All our love and thoughts for a safe, fun journey!!!

    -Dave (Hoping to see the whole fam soon!)

  3. Hi Julie! Award?? What award... let me go through my inbox... did I miss it?

  4. Dave & Corbin,
    Oh how much I miss you two. You guys are always on full steam - but I think do an excellent job balancing "fun" into the work day. I completely agree and can see how easy it is to make "work" a 24/7 responsibility -although because you both founded the business and have made it the success it is today - I think it's really more play than work for you guys ;)

    I am so ready to get back into the routine of things and get reacquainted with my kitchen again [I think I know where the fridge is still ;) and cook dinner for you guys - so shoot me an email and let me know which weeknight will work out for you both! xoxo

  5. Zarlacht, I missed your question here about the award... OK, you can learn about it here:

  6. I was wandering, by the way... How did you do that library on Amazon.com thing?

  7. how are you?
    i've missed your posting and photos!!!


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