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wearing childhood fashionably...

One of the greatest wonders since joining the social media arena has been the gift of having a conversation with someone on the other side of the world. Such was the case when I happened upon Julie Alvarez from Buenos Aires. A mother, singer and creator, Julie snaps photos of brilliance captured in days with her family, creativity, and art. She also maintains a blog, of which she personalizes with real stories - straight from a Mama's heart.

What I was most impressed with was Julie's naturalness for being a mom with a creative spirit. To surround her daughter Zoe with all that is beautiful - real - natural - and simple. I truly understand what it means to create out of love [when Aaron and I sat together during my pregnancy with Ava making things for her... stuffed animals... knitted booties....] And that's exactly what Julie does so well with her very own original clothing label, Boton De Amor. Handmade shirts and aprons are uniquely designed, showing off every bit of Julie's "button of love" and more. When our package arrived, Ava pulled out the gorgeous colored tissue paper with a sticky note for Ava - from Zoe. On it was a picture of a heart, balloon and fish [thanks to Mom Julie who labeled them for us!] I was so deeply touched that I had to steal the note from Ava when she wasn't looking and pin it on my inspiration board.

I also giggled inside, remembering how much I loved having a pen pal to write to. Remember those? Strangers we'd share our day-to-day thoughts.... confessions of crushes and betrayals.... and adolescent revelations scribbled on postcards and notebook paper carefully folded and now neatly stowed away in a shoebox with a ribbon tied around it.

My very first pen pal was my best friend Karen, who I have known since the age of 2. Karen moved away with her family to Brazil when we were just 5 years old. We became pen pals at 8. Just this week, I received an email from her -from Argentina - where she is currently traveling. It makes me smile just thinking about the irony of my most recent online order, Zoe's picture... and how wonderful pen pals are...

The linen blouse I ordered was customized for Ava. Perfect for all weather - this blouse was meant to be lived in... Make memories and dance through childhood with.

And just like that, she was off - doing exactly what I imagined her doing in her very own handmade shirt made from Boton De Amor .... Ava ran around the room laughing - having the time of her life...

Get one for your favorite girl to grow into -

1. You can order your very own Ava Linen Blouse here on Etsy. [This divine shirt was renamed after Ava ... ] The shirt buttons in the back, so it can be used to slip on as a smock.

2. Email Julie about specific toddler sizes and colors ahead of time. Each order is customized. You are getting a handmade piece tailored to fit your little one. The prices make you want to order several!

3. Know of any toddlers that would like one? Nothing sings more to a mother's heart than a handmade gift for their child... [hint, hint].

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  1. Oh, dear Zarlacht! I have no words to sum up all the fond feelings that you raised in my heart these days. Thanks, thanks a lot for being so warm and thankful. And for helping me with my business too!!!
    PS: I was posting about the very same thing on my blog, at the same time I saw yours! We are connected, girl. My post isn’t as much as expressive as yours I think, but that’s the better it got with a sick baby girl crawling on my lap…


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