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christmas eve

The Christmas Pageant

The holidays finally arrive and a month long of lights, tree decorating, hand-made ornaments and snow flakes, hot cocoa, and warm fires come together on Christmas Eve...

Playing Trains

Noah dressed for the occasion - wearing Aaron's Christmas cow-tie he's owned for too long. Playing choo-choo with his loving cousin, they cross paths, and crash. Oh what fun!


Our nutcrackers stand on corner tables all throughout the house... begining a new tradition of it's own... and I've had so much fun picking new ones this year...


Mom prepared a delicious Afghan dinner so that we could all focus on the spectacle of the holiday... the kids...

Santa Ornament

"Santa" smiles at us from the tree, and we decided to wait a few years before we explain to Ava and Noah about St. Nick.


We pose for a family photo - which continues to be a painful effort. The kids - all four of them! can't stand still, and we can't help but laugh at the chaos in between each flash. We all survived... thank goodness for lollipops.


This ornament is old and cherished. And use to hang at our tree when I lived with my parents. I smile when I see it and the many others that were passed down to me since childhood.


Before getting to bed, Ava plays a solo on the piano. The family of rabbits cheer her on... then whisper, "get to bed little one. Christmas is almost here."

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  1. Yay she is back!!! I loved how ava just lined up the rabbits to watch the video with her. I was very suprised and it was just too cute. I still think you should try the names in the hat idea for x-mas and set a price cap.


Thanks for sharing - I will respond to your comment here as well so check back! xo


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