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wintry window decor - snow"girl"

As the wintry decorations go up around the house, Ava is busy in her art room snipping away, and gluing cotton balls on everything. I was outside in the backyard today and my eyes loomed over cut branches that have missed curb side pickup the last few months. Which was a good thing, because I thought they would be perfect for hanging up some of the xmas cards that have started to stroll in.

Of course, with all these little twigs darting out, it made me think of hands... and one thing led to another - and before we knew it, we had arms for a snowman craft! I pulled the rest of the supplies from drawers around the house, and improvised as we went along...







Almost as tall as she is, this little snowman... 'er girl... I guess, because Ava wanted to make a tiara for it - turned out to be a much funner wintry decoration than I planned to come out of paper and twigs.

4 paper plates - the middle snow ball took too - to give it some "weight"
pipe cleaners - punch holes on the tops and bottoms of the pates to attach. Also looped some colorful glittery ones to make the tiara...
construction paper - for buttons, carrot nose, hat
twigs - for the arms
felt - cut the edges to look like a braided scarf end
glue and clear tape - glue paper pieces. tape twigs to the back to hold in place.

Brrr... already feels cold in here... What are your favorite winter crafts to display?


  1. Is super!! I like it very much.

  2. I had to add you directly in my reader. I don't know why you was not in my list if I follow you :(

  3. I love it, especially the branches!


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