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xmas card tradition - improvised

Traditionally, I'm known to procrastinate about Christmas cards. So this year, we made a concerted effort to start early - Dec 2 to be exact - but still, I guess traditions exist for a reason - and this year, our cards will be late again! Between picking out a design (6 hours! There were just too many to choose from... you must check out this site if you haven't yet), selecting appropriate photos to match the design, writing the letter, and of course, then waiting for our order. Which took almost 2 weeks. But here they are...

Our xmas card

When we received them, more than half were left blank on the back. Rather than redoing the printing mistake, and waiting another week, we spent the morning... well... improvising.

Sending out xmas cards

Sending out xmas cards

Sending out xmas cards

With original artwork! I think they turned out great - and especially love how the kids were able to contribute in their own way. For those who collect Christmas cards year after year - how fun would it be to see how children's drawings change with time?

I think we've just also improvised on an annual tradition - and that is what I love the most..

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