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new beginnings

Last weekend my family visited my alma mater - only this time to watch my little sister cross the stage. It had been 11 years for me since I last walked the plank in this coliseum, and nothing much has changed - everything is still very green. Only this time, my little sister was the one we were all up on our feet cheering for - rooting at the top of our lungs after her name was called, and waving the banner the children helped paint the night before.



Graduations are always very ceremoniously sentimental for me - not that I am ecstatic about the fact that one survives their academic career unscathed - but rather that this is an event that officially cuts the ribbon onto the next chapter in your life. It's like the feeling of the first day of spring after a long winter frost. 

For my sister, and the rest of us (especially for the little ones) today meant that "Aunt RoRo finished school" and that now we get to spend more time with her...


... and that alone, is what we have been waiting for the most. We love you Sis!


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