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art project: secret playhouse

It's not often that Ava asks for us to buy something she sees in a store {except for candy} so when she spotted this cardboard playhouse, Aaron and I thought it'd be a fun project we could all do together. The entire house was simply "unfolded" and then attached together by the chimney - and just like that, the little ones scurried in and out of the house with their toys.


We each took turns painting until the kids decided it'd be more fun to "move in" instead.



Back and forth between their rooms and the playhouse, Ava and Noah moved crates of cars, 4 pillows, dolls, books, and even jewelry streaming from the windows. While Aaron and I finished the outside, we could the kids arguing inside.

Noah: "What are you doing Ava? {repeated 3 times}

Ava: Not saying anything and moving Noah's cars out.

Aaron: "She's just like her mother. Rearranging the furniture..."

Me: "Very funny Aaron. Did you see inside? There's no room for them to even sit down. Hey guys, why don't you give me back some of the pillows..."


... and so this is how much of the evening went. It was quite funny to hear them argue about their space - which toys stayed and which had to be returned to their rooms... and how this was their secret club house {for only $20!}... all the while I'm wondering where in the world will we keep this thing? 

After we finished painting, I peeked inside and found an empty nest - and couldn't be more thrilled to see how lovely they left it....


ah... fresh flowers and good lighting... she is just like me after all...


  1. Good job. Excellent job :) You did it fantastic. I love it !!!
    My husband is doing a little doll's house for her niece.

  2. Oh so cute! Looks like lots of fun :)


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