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christmas eve 2010

We didn't make plans for Christmas eve - except to bake cookies. Lots of it. I've never baked cookies before from scratch - and thought tonight would be a perfect night to get started, and start a new holiday tradition with the kids. So my family came over to help... and it turned out to be quite an extravagantly sweet evening...

baking cookies

baking cookies

Call me sentimental - but there's something to be said about women in the kitchen together. It's hilarious. Where necessary, we improvised on kitchen utensils, and critqued even each other's cookie dough formations... and in between the flour and mixing, there was time to catch up and share advice...

baking cookies

baking cookies


Of course, Aaron didn't want to miss out on all the fun, so he helped Mom bake almond cookies - a recipe given to me by a dear friend. And although they didn't turn out as good as hers {I think we over baked them} - the time and chaos around us baking - will be memorable...

Almond cookies

snikerdoodles and chewy chocolate

After we finished baking our cookies, my sister and I made the dough for homemade gingerbread cookies. We've been reading Gingerbread Baby a lot this week - so this was a real treat letting the kids knead, shape, cut, and decorate their very own...

gingerbread cookies

gingerbread cookiesgingerbread cookies

making gingerbread cookies

gingerbread cookies

gingerbread cookie

gingerbread cookies

where did the cookie cutter go?

gingerbread cookies

After wards, we put on The Snowman - a tradition we started with my younger sister since she was little.  {If you haven't seen it - please watch this clip! Because this is the very scene that makes me teary-eyed everytime!} We are always mesmerized by the beautiful music, story, and illustrations. Then Ava went around and gave her handmade gifts...

Aunt Roro


Ava was so excited about her one gift made by Noah, that she first opened up the card and said, "Noah, did you make this card for me?" And then kissed him before opening up her present {sniff, sniff...}

Did you make this for me Noah?

Thank you Noah!

Ava's present from Noah

The exchange was a success! Both Ava and Noah loved their handmade gifts from each other. Noah later asked me while snuggling in my arms, "Mom. Is this train special?" Yes I told him, "Because your sister made it." And then he said, "Then I love it!"

Noah loves his train

The beauty of the evening was weighed by everyone's humble spirits and appreciation for the holiday season. Ava played "Santa" and I could see her understand, embrace, and enjoy how wonderful it feels to give. My hesitation for telling her the truth about Santa has paid off in dividends - where the "magic" of Christmas she experienced - came directly from her love.


  1. You look very young. Wow I want these chocolates cookies :)

  2. Hello Everyone OH! Christmas Eve So Many works at this Night and lots of preparation for the next day...

    MD Life


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