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flea market sunday

Another surprisingly beautiful day today we find ourselves with. There's so much to do around the house - work to catch up on - laundry to wash - dust bunnies to catch. But it'd be a shame if we didn't take advantage of the sunny day. So we threw the radio flyer in the back of the car and headed north to Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney.

We parked the car, loaded the wagon with the diaper bag and bottles of water and strolled a few aisles before realizing how hungry we were. And corny dogs and turkey legs - although customary at these events - were not appetizing. So we packed the kids back into the car and drove up to Taco Cabana. Noah tried guacamole for the first time and didn't crinkle his nose. He also ate the Spanish rice - which tickled me because he's been refusing anything lumpier than a puree at home. Maybe it was the high-chair he was sitting in that made him feel so daring today.

We returned to the market and headed straight for a deep fried funnel cake. Ava seemed to enjoy it but even she knows when there's too much of a good thing. The crowd became heavier as the afternoon wore on and we enjoyed people watching and searching for stuff we didn't need. And we found some! We bought the kids a handmade wooden airplane and hamp-e-cure as Ava calls it [aka helicopter]. The old gentleman who sold them makes them at home - so we couldn't resist. A table later I found old door knobs and metal hooks - just what Ava needs to hang her necklaces on.

We had a lot of fun but we probably won't be back this year. I was disappointed in types of vendors present - my idea of flea market was not the same as a vendor selling dollar-store type of toys and accessories. But it was fun and fattening and we enjoyed the long walk. And most of all it was a new adventure for both Ava and Noah - seeing so many different faces and trying new flavors for the first time.

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