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project #2

Good news! Ava's black flower dress that I made her survived the wash. Speaking of survived - I haven't thrown my sewing machine into the pool just yet. In fact, I even made something else! With all the extra fleece we had laying around [from our Petnode animal-making days] I decided Noah needed another lounge - or more accurately, explore my domain pants. I googled a pattern - and it's so funny how easy it is to make these. BUT I still managed to sew the wrong sides together. Of course, I didn't realize this until after I added the waistband and rushed to try it on Noah. The crotch was too small - oh, it's upside down. My next attempt turned out much better. I even decked it with a pocket on the back - for what - who knows. It's adorable.

It's so amazingly comfortable, soft and so perfect to strut in with bare feet. And I think my little guy thinks so too. We ran our errands today with him wearing these and got our first compliment from the sales woman at Pottery Barn Kids [before Aaron told her I made them]. Success!

I made one for my nephew using a different design - equally fun. Wagma - send me a photo of him wearing it when you can!

Next project: a summer tote bag - oh, la, la.

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  1. Humzah wore his comfy fleece homemade pants courtesy of his crafty aunt yesterday at a lunch party - everyone adored the back pocket - but Humzah was warm and comfy on this cold sunday morning.
    Thanks Khola Zarlacht jan!


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