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a burst of spring

In tradition with the unpredictable weather in Texas - we were graced with a wonderful warm spell this weekend. The rest of the states are drenched in rain and snow. And here we are showing off our arms in short-sleeve shirts.

It seems as if we've had a terribly long winter. Of course, I say that every winter. But when you live in Texas, and have grown use to "hot" weather - it makes anything below 70 a bit chilly. And so we welcomed this little burst of heat with a walk around our neighborhood. I had seen a yard sale earlier in the morning during my jaunt to the grocery store. So we trekked over with sunglasses and rummaged through old books. On our way home, Ava climbed, bounced, skipped and ran around various front yards. Noah spent some time in a small patch of wild flowers and enjoyed the stillness of a new color around him.

We ended the walk with a slow stroll through the sprinklers - how wonderful! Thank you Spring. We can't wait untill you visit us again.

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