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old is new again

I have been itching to sew Ava a dress since before she was born. I finally did on Sunday thanks to Aaron who took the kids for a very long visit to the park. And thanks to my old skirt I hadn't worn in 5 years and owned for more than 10. It was one of those pieces that remained tucked away in my drawer - too cute to give away because just maybe I'd be inspired to wear it one day. And yet, too burned out to wear it because I did a thousand times [or somewhere close to].
So here I was, with no pattern to work with - what if I completely screw up and waste the poor old skirt? But I said a prayer and started snipping. Pinning and ironing the seams were daunting - but I kept envisioning what the finished piece would look like - and that kept me on pace. Three hours later, I had a piece hanging to look at.

I'm proud to say that it turned out pretty cool and that it does in fact resemble a sweet summer dress. Tailored with one green button and one shiny orange button. I even went so far as to sewing her a sachet to carry her Maisy books. I was smitten when it was done. Unfortunately for me, all the camera gear was charging so I had no way to document the adventure.

Not only was the look on Ava's face priceless, but I also discovered that I do have the patience to create something from scratch. And that is a good thing.

Next project: an outfit for Noah to crawl around in.

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