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p is for pop

Today we worked on Noah's "p" sounds. I stretched back into my memory to remember how we taught Ava her sounds. Oh yes, we made it fun... like saying peacock while tossing things in the air until a tiny little echo was heard. Ava was more amused with the confetti of objects falling over her that she didn't realize she was pronouncing the words beautifully.

P is for "pop" and so we turned to our good 'ol friend Jiffy to help.




And so Noah obliged by saying "pop" over and over again. Ava did too... by eating them. The smell of homemade popcorn filled the room quickly, and Aaron and I gravitated to the family room - for a movie night with the kids. We didn't plan it like this - but that's how learning goes doesn't it? One fun thing leads to another... So the 4 of us cuddled on the couch and we narrated a Disney movie for the kids.

Me: The wooly mammoth and sloth are good friends.

Ava: Where's the baby's mommy?

Me: She went for a swim. And got lost. So the sloth and mammoth are going to go look for his daddy.

Ava: silence

Me & Aaron: laughing at the slow-mo of the sloth breaking the watermelon.

Ava: I don't like this movie. Let's watch Sound of Music.


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  1. As 'anti-television' Zarlacht and I are, its times like this that it is almost necessary. Watching the kids get lost in the adventure on the screen is just amazing. Noah gasping at the ice burgs crunching and cracking, and Ava squeezing her doll so tight that if it had eyeballs, I'm sure they would have popped out.

    We both found ourselves watching them watch the movie more than the movie itself...

    ...and Ava and Noah gave the movie 2 brownie covered thumbs up.


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