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Warrenton Antique Show

We made it! After attending our first Antique show this past April, I knew I had to go back. Miles and miles of treasures, art, old and new... and getting lost in conversation with people from all over...

I brought my Mom with me for some overdue Mother/Daughter time, and although I see her every week, it was the one-on-one time of us laughing that made me feel so special to be her daughter. Our drive down south on Monday was filled with stories about her childhood, summer vacations, and raising me and my sisters... we talked about marriage, religion, and the wonders of future plans. Our jaws hurt by the time we arrived at our B&B. The first night we shared a room, we felt like college roommates - flat on our stomachs stretched across our beds from each other... talking on our cell phones to friends and family - with our legs waving in the air... we ate what ever we wanted, and took breaks as a new story surfaced. It was a fantastic 2 days of having her all to myself - leaving me wondering, why I don't do this more often.

We ventured out the first day and walked up and down the streets of Warrenton - weaving inbetween aisles and aisles of booths containing people's collectibles, antiques... and junk.

Warrenton Antique Show

Carmine Antique Show

I saw many familiar faces - thanks to my legs for memorizing my favorite booths - including my favorite vendor, Crystal Greer, who runs an eccelctic shop of vintage jewelry, recycled furniture, her own art work, and pieces of this and that...

Instantly she recognized me, and we were able to pick up right where we left off 6 months ago. We chatted like school girls, giggling and gossiping underneath a tent in a backyard. We have nothing and everything in common - a Mom of 6 children and wife of a preacher - she opened up her own boutique in Houston to fulfill her dreams. I was excited to see her booth - and admire her artwork. She said she painted more than 100 canvases for this show, and on the first day, an Art Gallery came through and bought 70 of them.

The fact of the matter is - everyone places a personal value on their perception. To me, art is in everything - and its how it resonates within each of us - igniting our best selves that makes it artful. Art is even in the way we do things - like raising a family [smile]. I found Greer's faceless artwork peaceful - and was happy to purchase 2 more to complement the children's paintings at home. Everytime I pass by their artwork, I bubble over. And have a better day... remembering the brush strokes that made Ava or Noah squint, curious, and messy....you can't even begin to put a price tag on this feeling...

The sun's rays slowed us down - but not as much as the southern hospitality. I will never forget the beautiful Texan woman, donned in a black cowboy hat and red lipstick who shared her life & death story during a search for a mall - in Italy. And I told her about my travels to Italy, my bond with my mother, and the family I was raising back home. Cultured, smart, and a loving mother - she strung a few chords with me that we hugged and kissed good-bye...

It is all of these moments - more than the shopping - that will keep me going back... and then racing home again to be with my favorite artists of all time.

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