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hide! hide!

"Hide! Hide!" Noah whispers... alerting those standing close by that a monster is near. The "monster" is usually Dad - in need of a break to stretch and pounce on the kids to remind him the long hours are paying off.

We hear the grunt grow louder down the hall - and I watch two little heads swivel in opposite directions as they duck for cover.


It's a simple game... that tickles them beyond laughter and scares them beyond squeals. Whether being taunted by the count to 10 slowly, or being grabbed before catching their breaths - this is the game we fall back to when we are tired of playing with objects - coloring, painting, matching puzzles or even reading. We all need to run a little, and when the shoes are no where near to fit all 8 feet at once, we default to a little masquerade of hide-and-go-seek at home.

And the best part? There are no batteries required. No rules or board game pieces to lose... Just our imaginations. And good places to hide under... even if it's just half way...


What's your favorite childhood game you played with your siblings or friends? I'm curious - and would love to know...


  1. Bonjour, Im still thinking about learning french but i wont have anyone to speak it with :( oh well ill just have to make a french friend :).

    Ok so i have two things that i would do when i was knee hi to a grasshopper.

    (imagine noah is telling u this but he is really excited about it)

    Um... First I would get all of the pillows and couch cushions and blankets and comforters and i would lay them all on top of each other kinda like a bed and then i would climb up on top of my play table and jump super super high in the air and land on the pillows and it didnt even hurt and sometimes i wold get a really big bag and hold it over my head cause it was a parachute. It was really really really fun.(i just didnt feel like using periods.)

    Second, you need atleast two kids for this one so i think it will work. We would get a bunch of chairs and sheets and make two forts on opposite ends of a room and we would make a bunch of paper air plans and throw them back and forth. Paper airplane wars is what we called it if i remember correctly. And the rule was the more people the better, it just turns into plans flying all over the place. If you cant remember how to make a fort or need some help figuring out a cool design ill be home soon and we can all build a sweet fort.

    If you and aaron have yet to make a fort out of chairs and blankets with the kids and run in it and hide or sleep in the fort on night. I suggest yall get to it.


  2. awww...I too did the fort thing. That was fun!

    Also, my sister and I played hunter/gatherer/cook. In the house where we spent the early part of our childhood, the previous owners had gardened. So every so often my sister would find an onion, a carrot, or a potato. We had this huge tree, perfect for climbing and in the center of it was this enormous pothole where I would mix mud, flowers, and the occasional vegetable that my sister would "hunt" for and I would "cook" it all to make a mud soup of sorts. We were never brave enough to eat it, but it was fun putting it all together.

  3. Grego & Bianca - what fun!
    I love the mud pies with surprise vegetables... I can just picture you and your sister doing this - how cute!! I remember when I was little, I wasn't so squeamish [as I am now] about playing with dirt. We would spend hours thrusting our hands digging for worms.

    Now I'm afraid, that courage has turned into "eeewwww" and I can just see Ava doing the same. Noah on the other hand - there's still hope. Although I don't know what I'll do if he hands me one.

    I do like the hunt/gatherer/cook idea. Maybe we can do this but with leaves, acorns and such...
    I'll let you know how it goes...this is perfect for their imaginations!

    Love the fort/paper airplane wars idea Grego. Although, we won't call it "wars" but maybe.... airports, flying back and forth from each other. I'm going to try that too... now if only I can remember how to make one...

    We'll need to solicit your expertise building the fort though - So hurry back home. ;)

  4. my all time favorite would be the game my sister (you) also enjoyed playing with me. Any activity that we could both enjoy even with our age gap was fine by me.
    KATOOSHI is what we called it. Being on opposite ends of the bed and yelling KATOOSHI and the excitement of running toward each other and playfully wrestling until one of us (me 95% of the time) would fall off the bed.. Going until round 3 so Zarlacht could declare championship.. Why didn't you ever let me win btw? I'll never forget those memories.. I know Ava and Noah are too young. But beware I will teach them the game their mommy taught me in the next few years.. Love you!

  5. Katooshi! Oh my, how could I ever forget? I think it was you - who spawned the idea of rolling, and tickeling off the bed. Can you believe I can still hear you laughing in my ears after all these years??

    You have such a special laugh.

    And because I wanted to be the big sister to make you laugh - I charged you yelling Katooshi [where that came from, who knows...] but it was perfect.

    Just like your childhood memories.

    15 years later... the game must live on - Katooshi!


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