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enjoying autumn breezes

Pancakes alfresco - ahhhhh. That's what our fall mornings are looking like these days [Mother Nature, thank you very much.] And the cooler weather has us all yearning for a sweater or quilt to pull over, and warm our tummies with hot sweet yummies... like sweet potato pancakes with pure maple syrup.

pancakes alfresco

breakfast outdoors

At dusk, we headed outdoors again, this time for a nature walk leading to the playground. The wind was blowing on my face, and while holding Ava's hand I asked, "Ava, isn't the wind nice?"
She candidly responded, "Yeah [pause] but the wind is blowing my curly hair in my face." [oh how I love those curls.]

The sky turned purple long enough for us to take notice, and we found ourselves mesmorized by our shadows and echoes bouncing inbetween us.

playground after-dark

moon sighting

There wasn't much left to do at the playground and I regretted not getting out of the house sooner. Ava and Noah obliged to leaving after rounds of going up and down ramps. With their basket proudly filled with leaves and acorn caps, we headed back towards home under the moonlight - and the notion that we will return soon for another chance for the autumn breeze to rearrange our curls.


  1. beautiful, Zarlacht.

  2. Thank you M - That is probably the shortest post written so far, and I'm so glad that it generated a comment... and even yet, a heartwarming one at that. Thank you. So. Very. Much [big smile]. Give a big kiss to R.


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