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On Sunday, we headed over to Addison for their annual Worldfest, an international event with food from all over the globe, live music, global games, and arts & crafts from different countries. We missed most of the highlights, but made it in time for gyros and dancing. If I had known it was going to be such an elaborate occasion, I would have trekked over there for their opening ceremonies and parade. [Next year!]

I shopped the Russian booth and found a set of Martyoshka dolls for Ava's stocking stuffer. Night quickly fell upon us, and we relaxed near the center stage where we watched chinese dragons drum through the crowd. Afterwards, the
ballet folklorico performed their traditional single and couple dances. Ava couldn't sit still. Standing near us, she imitated the girls, with her hands at her hips, and swirled round and round.... [I was imagining myself sewing her a flowing skirt with vibrant textiles when I got home...] As I was thinking about the new project, Ava made her way up to the stage - and if I didn't pull on her shirt, she would have lunged up and danced with them.

Ava is naturally shy - like her mother. And when it comes to dancing, she feels like no one is watching. I was amazed and proud to see her so facinated by what so many fear doing.

Poets... and our elders all know this to be true: "Dance. Like no one is watching" and I imagine it's because they wished they did more often. Watching Ava reminded me of that, and how we shouldn't let a night fall without dancing... even if there is no music.

The event has inspired me to introduce Ava & Noah to more global music at home. Costumes would be a plus. I found my Putamayo cd's and have started researching more at the library. Early childhood educators have noted how physical activity helps children learn better. And I think dancing is the perfect antidote to get there. And learn about culture, heritage, art, language, history, and geography. Wow. I can't wait to tell you how this goes....

Do you have a favorite dance from your heritage? Or a global cd that moves you? Please share - we'd love to dance to it...


  1. The USA booth had a "Drums no Guns" booth (next to a Sons of Confederate booth) where a man was playing a congo drum - Humzah was watched him play for the longest time. The drums beat - especially when played loud can stir up so much inside you that you cant help but shake. I was never much of a dancer but this really cute guy freshman year in college told me to dance " everyone can dance" he said - which is so true - as long as the music shakes you - anyone can dance.

  2. I wonder who that guy was... funny how people in passing can teach us life long lessons... it just comes to show, how we shouldn't be afraid to tell someone - even a stranger - what we know to be true to our hearts.

    It may sound silly, but not saying it right then and there is worse.

    Because if that guy didn't... I wonder if you'd still be shaking your booty the way you do now ;)


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