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indian summer

We're not letting the warm weather distract us from enjoying the traditions of fall [my favorite season]... like visiting a pumpkin farm and sipping hot chocolate. So on Saturday morning, we headed north 40 minutes with Nana and Papa in tow... for some fall fun. Ava reminded me the second after she launched off her car seat, that a cup was overdue... overdue as in, we've been waiting since last winter...


When we reached the play area, we were at a loss at what to do first. Ava couldn't decide which bounce house to explore. It was either too crowded or too scary... but she managed to sum up enough courage to handle both. They bounced, they climbed... and went for a hayride...



And by the time the sun's rays caught up with us, we were ready to embrace a little AC and head indoors to refuel. But not before picking out this year's winning pumpkins from the farm...



I'm not sure when the tradition of people placing pumpkins on their porches began.. but it's a sweet one. Except when I think about how awful it is to put food out like that... all month - only to rot green and shelter grateful insects. So the two sweet little ones Ava rescued from the patch [if we don't buy them, then they'll rot on the farm anyway right?] we'll make a pumpkin pie... or two... and remember this day...

Our Indian summer... and how by afternoon's end, spent in Nana & Papa's backyard, we enjoyed the warm breeze, each other's company, and runaway bubbles...





  1. One of the advantages of having such a savvy mom is that the kids will always have something fun to do no matter where we end up or what time of year it is. I would have been content taking the kids to Kroger to pick up a few pumpkins sitting in the front of the store... and instead they got this. What an adventure.

    And in case anyone was wondering... that hay bale looks small, but it isn't. I was pretty sure that by the time i chunked the kids up there, boosted up Zarlacht, and scampered up myself i had pulled a hamstring and tore a rotator cuff. Thank God i didn't overshoot it when I jumped up because i'm quite sure I would have brought the whole family down with me.

  2. I think arron has the best comments. Not to mention the funniest ones.


    You have an awesome sense of humor, too bad most people dont get you, i guess your just too smart for the average bear. :)

  3. I think you are absolutely right Greg! His sense of humor tickles me to pieces - one of my favorite traits about him. He's so matter-of-fact put together, and yet all of a sudden, surprising.

    Good news is that his "poetry" from long, long ago may be resurfacing. So stay tuned!

  4. oh, and it's a good thing the rest of the bears don't get him - which makes it that much more funnier for us ;)

  5. Greg-o

    Thanks! Really... thanks!
    Since I don't have a blog, I get to do some of my writing here. Its a little ironic though- I always thought I was horrible at writing. I do some poetry here and there, but its nothing that will ever put a Pulitzer Prize on my mantle. Even when I write out birthday cards for people, it takes me forever to wrote something and it is usually boring.

    Thanks for taking the time to write out that comment. Ava will probably wonder why daddy's head is so big now... I'll just tell her my old one was too small so i got a new one at the store.

    oh... and regarding the poetry.. I don't have a timeline yet, but hopefully the book will be available for order before Christmas. (so don't worry about shopping for anyone this year. I'll have you covered!)

  6. I dont think you should worry about what you put on birthday cards.(excpet when its zars bday worry just a bit). And I hope that she doesnt expect shakespeare. You can express all the things you could write on a birthday card in the time you spend with the person.

    Im excited about the poetry. I read a little of it years ago, but I have lost the website since then so it will be nice to revist it in a book.


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