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first cut

Noah's long hair

Lighter than air itself, Noah's hair is a natural wonder - just like him. Born with an ebony shade, his angel cherub soft hair grew into a helmet of golden curls, sprinkled with strands of blonde and brown mixed with a heavy layer of heaven. To me, it was simply fitting to his unique personality.

One of his signature comedic performance is when he'd shut his eyes, pucker his lower lip, and then sway his mane from side to side - making us laugh down to the core of our stomachs. But the inevitable came around the corner. His goddess-like hair turned into a frenzy of layers across his face and eyes. The gradual change surprised me. So I returned the favor, and took Noah to get his first haircut.

First Haircut

Embarrased by the attention, Noah frowned with disapproval. He had missed his naptime thanks to his mother's spontaneous aha moments. He didn't make a peep, and one lollipop later, he would have been happy to sit through a perm from an intern.


I wasn't sure what to tell our stylist, a good friend of Mom's who runs her own salon nearby. I trusted her instincts and in the end, we got a look at a completely different Noah... and he did too.


Hair out of view, his layers now round his face, and soften those cheeks we often bruise with too many kisses.

Noah's first haircut

Cushioned by Grandma's arms, it was Ava's turn to sit in the hot seat. Another bounty of beautiful golden brown curls was surveyed, and we decided a small trim on top would make her trademark curls bounce. Ava liked the sound of that...



New haircuts

Sporting their new do's, Ava and Noah were true champions at the salon. And while I will anxiously await for Ava's hair to lengthen back to pigtails ... and for Noah's curls to hug his nape again, I will cherish the locks they were born with - now resting in their keepsake boxes.

They look different don't they? To me, they already are... portraying the unique faces and wonder they have grown into... ever so gradually...


  1. I love how you do it lil sis - wow - you even make a first hair cut an adventure when to others its just another chore. Your ways remind me to start focusing on the small things in life that we can make so wonderful for our children.

  2. They look so much bigger, older. But they still have beautiful hair, even without the curls.

  3. Oh yes. I don't know where I heard it - but I've adopted as a mantra. Every moment is an opportunity to be wonderful - even the ugly. It depends on our perspective, approach, and reaction to whatever comes our way. Even if it's meatball...

    WJ - thanks so much for the compliment. And you're absolutely right... they do look older! Oh my...


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