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birthdays... celebrating the memory of beginnings


The photo on the left, maybe 15 years or so ago, is of my baby sister Roshana and I on a coin ride at Chuck E Cheese. This was her favorite place to be on the weekends. Back then, I could have never predicted that one day, she'd be doing the same with my own daughter. There she is again, on the right with Ava, at 11 months old with the infamous icon of childhood.

Roshana is my kid sister - in otherwords, the baby of the family - and she has the privilege [atleast I think so] of being protected by so many. Since her birth, my parents included my older sister and I as their arms in parenting. Wagma carpooled her to school while I played and entertained her afterwards. She'll argue that it can be overbearing at times - and I agree, we can be. But as I confidently know now, that just comes with the territory of parenting.

I was a teenager back then and found myself saying "are you serious?" most of the time. But I guess this is the way it is with all families with siblings so far in range. Growing up ourselves, wanting them to hurry up and catch up - and yet at the same time, wanting them to stay a baby forever and preserve their natural tendencies...


On Sunday we celebrated Roshana's 21st birthday. A milestone for her, and yet for us, birthdays are a reminder of how quickly the years have passed in our family. So much so, that we have branched out to families of our own...

But thanks to Roshana's energy - we always gravitate back to the center
of "family" where we came from...[towing our husbands and kids along] just like it was 21 years ago when she first came into our life - and strengthened our family beyond any measure or memory.

Her presence in each of our worlds, Mom, Dad, Wagma and I - make us dance.


And I look forward to the years when our children, each with a different beat, dance with her...

Roshana is my baby sister, my best friend and my daughter. The transitions between all of them flow at any given moment... and I am grateful.


  1. Wow! Where does the time go!?!? I remember having a 13 year old Roshana at the restaurant scene of our film! Tell her, Corbin and I wish her a happy belated 21st!!!

    Corbin and I are so looking forward to seeing you guys this week!!!

    -Dave & Corbin

  2. I remember little 6 year old Roshana keeping an eye on her older sisters back at the Howdy Doody. I imagine each time a guy stayed at the counter 1 second longer than it took for them to count their change, she would shoot menacing looks at the guys telling them to 'LEAVE MY SISTERS ALONE'. She probably had a stick back there behind the counter that she would poke at her sisters telling them 'QUIT TALKING TO THAT BOY!'.

    Time certainly does fly.

    Roshana... you have turned out to be quite an amazing young lady. (But you'll always be my little sister)

  3. thanks guys,
    this post meant alot. I was sitting in the backyard a few days ago, home alone, and sat there thinking- there was a time, where there was so much life in this house, i shared a bathroom with you Zarlacht, and fought for the toliet. (we still sadly do)
    where there would be a fire burning in the fireplace, and us under a blanket. We had the sisterly bond (yes you TOO wag!) that felt like it could never be taken away, and as i sat in the backyard the other day, soaking in our lives and where we are now, i wasnt sad. I was happy, happier than i could ever be. My sisters brought life into this world, with me never knowing, their life is my life. I will admit- i miss my sisters minus the husbands, but i love my brothers and neices and nephews. So would anyone care to dance ?
    Love you all
    kisses and hugs

  4. Oh Roshana - my heart just swelled with so much emotion right now reading your comment. I've been thinking about you all day... Actually, I think I never stop thinking about you. You are my litter sister - but I've had the privilege to be more and take more. You're like my own child. I love you more than life itself, and want nothing more in this world then my children's happiness [that includes you!].

    I often think about life pre-marriage and what "our family" was like and I miss it greatly. We have so many great memories - and for that, we are blessed. As we grow older, I can only hope and pray that our family continues to make memories so that our children can look back and say, "remember when Aunt Roshana burnt the Turkey that year for Thanksgiving?"

    I want to always be your dance partner...


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