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the power of brownies

Yummy isn't it? Not only was I thinking about it all day, but I also twittered it - my latest discovery with the social media world. What gets me are the thousands upon thousands of folks who have thousands upon thousands of "followers" tracking revelations and experiences people are having in the moment. So I tried it today. [See right-hand side]

And it saved my life - today that is. It all started when I was reheating the latte Aaron made me from this morning - for the 6th time. With running on just 4 hrs of sleep, it was a long day [again] taking care of runny noses and cranky moods. "No. Hold me. Up" was all I heard today. I made a b-line for the computer and "tweeted" my wish for a good cup of coffee accompanied by a caramel brownie specifically from Panera.

4 hours later, I found myself sitting in the foyer with Ava and Noah. Aaron unlocked the door and in his hands contained an entire box of brownies with a cup of creamy coffee [I imagined just 2 slices, but you know how Aaron always goes above and beyond]. When Ava saw the box, her mouth dropped to silence and her eyes widened with complete surprise. She sped off to the kitchen mumbling something about a knife? I was too caramel struck to notice. The next thing I knew, I was yelling, "Ava, don't run with a knife in your hand!" She sat at the dinner table and cut [or smashed] a piece out for herself and enjoyed every crumb. It was gone before her milk even hit the table.

I brought my 2 pieces and cup of coffee back to the office with me. To think without interruption. And appreciate - everything. What a perfect example of how powerful our thoughts can be. And the power we have to create our own experiences. I really believe that. Just like if you want to accomplish your goals, write it down... people can't hurt you unless you let them... and so forth. So true and instant it was with Twitter today- where I spoke out live on the web - and on the other end - someone very special was listening.

Twitter, thank you for speaking my wish for me today. And my beloved Aaron - thank you for always making them happen for me.

I love you.


  1. I made a joke to Zarlacht about this about how easy life would be if everyone had a twitter window on their forehead. I suppose as much as Zarlacht and I have gotten to know each other over the years (all 20 of them) we have got better at knowing what each other think/crave/want... but a little nudge or reminder never hurts i suppose.

    Thank you Zarlacht for not just recognizing the brownies, but all the other times. I love you.

  2. Awesome! I truly am speechless, you guys are incredible!

    I started with Eckhart's "The Power of Now" and am just half way through it and haven't gotten to the Tweeting yet, but learned something similar from both "Thank You Power" and "The Secret".

    Thank you so much for sending us the spiritual class information, that was so thoughtful. We have a wedding tonight or we would've gone.

    Corb and I have a few restaurant ideas for the 15th, I'll shoot you an email Sunday.

    Hope the fam is spending the day outside today!!!

    See you soon (so much to talk about)!!!



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