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how to keep your babies busy for a 12 hour road trip

Road Trip Box Surprises
Planning our first family vacation to the beach has been - interesting. I couldn't have done it without our cousin in FL - who is a beach connoisseur - Thank you Toni!

We're driving to our summer sanctuary and leaving in just a few hours. I haven't even brought out my luggage or tried to fit myself in a bathing suit. I'm getting there - slowly....

Above all else, I knew that having 2 infants in the backseat without a referee to block sippy cups from being thrown at each other, that I needed a toy box. And what could be more fun than a personalized one with favorite toys, new toys, books, and... surprises?

I went around the house and picked up toys, doodle pads, crayons, things that roll, light-up, make noise, teach and even nourish - how appropriate - Goldfish!

Tips for toy box surprises:

1. Ask for the lovely boxes at department stores - Janie & Jack, Babystyle, Nordstrom all cary beautiful sturdy boxes in all shapes and sizes. I get one every time - even when I make a purchase for myself and use them for storing artwork and the children's memoirs.

2. One of the hardest things in planning for a beach trip was that we weren't prepared to shop for it. Some stores started bringing their seasonal items months ago - and so they were completely out. While other staple stores were bringing them in now - and inventory was still rolling in. Either way - it made running errands quite impossible - with 2 kids. As soon as you think of planing a themed trip [beach, mountain, or euro adventure] keep your eye out for clothing and accessories and save your receipt if they don't end up making the cut.

3. Incorporate related items without spending a fortune. Go through your drawers, things that you collect from the outdoors, and be creative. I found bubbles from a wedding we attended, a book about fish we picked up from the aquarium last year, towels with whales stitched to them from Target, sunglasses with 2 fishes kissing from a wedding favor, and a seahorse that squirts water from a birthday party. My favorite finds are mini boxed set of crayons collected from restaurants - how easy.



  1. Dave & CorbSaturday, May 17, 2008


    Corbin and I wish we could be there with you, so take lots of pics!

    Travel safe!!!

    -Dave & Corb

  2. we made it! the house is awesome! pictures will be coming eventually.

    i can hear the tide coming in right now and could probably throw a Frisbee from the balcony and have it land in the ocean.

    all i need now is a Margarita... which should be arriving shortly.



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