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a sense of past

Appreciating natural wood, age, beauty
Buying furniture is not an everyday chore. So when you find a piece that resonates with your entire body - whether for comfort or looks, it feels like a celebrated occasion.

Such was the case when we purchased an early-century child's school desk and chair we found at the antique show this past April, and tucked it into the corner of our homeoffice - right behind me. There are moments in the day when I take a break from my work desk cluttered with modern comforts, to look behind me and catch a glimpse of a child sliding into the wooden chair frame, lifting the table top and pulling out his composition book to recite his ABCs or doodle a frog eating a fly out in the margin.

While I like to dream about nostalgic moments like these, I am instead graced with a sticker-crazed two-year old who likes to collect all the highlighters and red markers from my desk to add into hers. "More paper Mommy" she asks, while sitting in this old chair, smiling, and swagging her feet below. Noah usually intrudes on her concentration of drawing circles by pulling on her shirt so that he can lift himself up and with due timing, climb into the chair for a turn.

New on Old

And when he does, there is much excitement in his grip. His feet curl, his hands reach and grab for all corners to hoist him up into a new position - a new view. As still and forgiving this 90 year old desk is - Noah is moving around it like a buzzing bee, exploring for survival. I constantly find myself captivated by their appreciation for this antique desk. They love it as much as I do - and what's more, is that their memories will be added to the thousands already before it.

Sitting in antique school desk chair


  1. I'm not sure how so many children from that era didn't lose fingers to those desks. The top must weigh 10 pounds and has iron hinges that only weigh it down more... If you aren't paying attention when you shut it, you might end up missing a digit.

    I love this piece... when we saw it, we both knew we had to get it... it was just a matter of driving 4 towns over to find an ATM machine and cramming it in the back of the suv to bring home.

    Well worth it, as you can see.

  2. Oooohhh! I think this one has given me a wonderful idea for our road trip! Corb says every first Monday of the month Canton, TX has a huge open market. Yes, I just googled: (the Corbs is always right)


    Just mapquested and Canton's only 1hr and 21min from our front door.

    And here's a great little b&b (with a pool and swim-up bar):


    Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  3. I wish you guys were coming with us! You still can if you leave now! But I do so very much look forward to planning our very own trip with you two- I actually think this b&b is perfect! Good find!!


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