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birthday beach bashes

Since Noah has come into our lives - my Mommy powers have doubled. Maybe tripled because he's a boy [just kidding.] I can't believe an entire year has come and gone already. We are so busy enjoying our moments now - that we so easily forget what it was like yesterday - or even months past. When I have time to exhale, I realize only then how much they have grown and still in denial I ask, How did this happen?


Noah made his debut May 21st, 2007, just 2 days after I turned 30. I didn't have time to dwell on missing my 20s - as I was so worried I wouldn't have a name picked out for him in time. After only an hour of labor and only one push - I was able to reach out and pull him towards me so that he could lay on my chest. It was only then that I was able to comprehend a miracle - another blessing in my life. And name him Noah.

So this year, our family vacation fell on the week of our birthdays - so we packed the car and drove out to the beach to release and enjoy. I didn't know how Noah would take to water or sand - but he did - in his own way. Some days he'd lounge on the beach chair and enjoy a cold bottle of milk under the umbrella with sand in his long hair. On others, he'd wear his nautical best, and play with his toys.


The good life...

Enjoying the beach



On Monday, I aged to 31. I welcomed this new year with a long walk on the beach with Aaron and the kids. When we returned, Mom had prepared a delicious brunch with a homemade cake - my absolute best - butter cream with butter cream icing - oh so good.

31st Birthday

On Wednesday, we decorated the beach house with party favors and Aaron prepared a seafood feast for all. Noah was completely mesmerized by his birthday candle, wavering from the beach air blowing through the windows. Ava and I helped him make a wish, and we all enjoyed a beach-themed cake with ice-cream. He didn't care too much for cake, but he did slurp a bowl of chocolate Blue Bell instead
. We missed the Patenaudes, Dad and our close friends on this occasion - so we hope to have a summer fling in June to celebrate once again....

Happy Birthday son - here's to your first year and watching you grow...



  1. Wow! Love the photographs. The one of Noah with the sweater on, holding the umbrella, he looks like he should be in a "GQ For Kids" magazine.

    You and Aaron are so lucky to have two such beautiful children!

    I can't believe how much they've both grown, either. Wasn't it just yesterday Corbin and I were over at your house holding 3 day old Ava?!?

    What a wonderful birthday for you both!!!

    Corbin and I can't wait to see the family and hear all the fun stories...


  2. Thanks for all the kind words Dave.
    I think you are spot on about that picture of Noah... I thought the exact same thing when i saw it.

    Noah did have a few firsts on this trip - one of which involved crawling through the sand so fast he was kicking it up at all 4 corners. He tried valiantly to make it up the dunes near the beach house, but he kept sliding back down. After a few failed attempts, he found it was easier to go across the flat area of sand, so he did that instead.

    And how time flies... It does seem like it was almost yesterday when you both came to visit little Ava and now she is already 2. (and 5 months!!!)

    The lesson to be learned i suppose is to cherish every day as much as you can.

  3. D&C, It was just yesterday when Ava was nestled in your arms... Or so it felt like it. Just really puts time into perspective doesn't it? What makes it sweeter is that we have you both in our lives to share these moments with and watch them grow. I love you both...


Thanks for sharing - I will respond to your comment here as well so check back! xo


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