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learning from beyond doors

For a Work-At-Home-Mom, I find myself outdoors more than I'd like to be. I prefer the expansive family room we've created for the kids to run around in, bicycle, make feasts in their wooden kitchen, or run trains on their track. But by mid-morning, I usually find both Ava and Noah near the front door - restless and squirmy. As if by some strong invisible magnetic pull, they are both drawn to be on the other side of the front door. Heat, bugs, pollen and all - we go.

Whether for a quick push on the swing, a pull around the neighborhood in their wagon, or a scavenger hunt for dandelions to blow on, it completely sets the stage for a better day. For all of us.

Each time Ava steps outside, she looks beneath her. There are specks of ants on the move… and her eyes track their migration until they disappear into the grass. She runs over to the slide and spots a ladybug slowly crawling on the side. She examines the guest, tests her patience, and waits for it to move so she doesn’t squash it on her way down.

Lately, we've been using our bikes and the trailer for the kids to ride out to White Rock Lake. It's a two hour adventure for us there and back - but the kids [to my surprise] love it. Ava pulls my heart when she actually asks, "Ride our bikes Mommy?"

How can we refuse? Not only are we getting the exercise we need, but we are doing this together - learning and absorbing the natural things around us. People [from singles walking their dobermans to families marching in stride]... Trees [mysteriously standing like jungles above our heads]... wild flowers [in patches we all take a moment to see how in the midst of all this untouched grass, grows a single delicate flower our eyes have never seen before].

When we reach the lake, we'll look for ducks and feed them crackers or goldfish - whichever Ava can bare to part with first. If the park doesn't look too busy, we'll stop and let the kids stretch out their legs, and let Noah finish a bottle. Cycling as a family would not be possible without our new trailer. In fact, this is the only time Ava and Noah can sit together. They instantly become a team - conspiring when to squeal so we'd stop and check on them. They exchange snacks and drinks, and even sing along the bumpy trail. Giving them these types of opportunities to share and deal with the other being in their space - is genuinely priceless. And by the looks of it, they make a fine pair of little adventurers together...

Family Cycling:
1. We thought Noah would be a little too young for the trailer - but we made it work by adding burp cloths to the straps so they wouldn't rub against his sensitive skin. A Bike trailer is an investment. We love our family owned and quality customer service we get from Boyd at
Dallas Bikes Works - look for a place that caters to families and experiences - and not a retail giant that will sell you anything.

2. Find a route. It'll take some time, but find a route you all enjoy. Make sure there are hills to challenge you and parks to rest at. We love White Rock Lake and the tons of people out there everyday so you never feel alone. Just be wary - cyclists at WRL are serious riders. They will yell at you if you go the wrong way or don't move. Here are some resources for locating a trail near you in Dallas or Collin County


  1. Couldn't agree more with wanting to get outside.

    Corbin and I met with a wonderful bride and groom and mother of the bride today. And after our meeting as we were saying goodbye the mother said "Aren't you enjoying this beautiful weather?" As soon as the door was closed, I turned to Corbin and said, lets go play tennis. We both have tons of work to do today, but one of the advantages of owning your own business is calling your own hours, so Corb and I enjoyed a quick game even though it means we'll have to work until 10 or 11 tonight.

    But it's worth it! I find that I'm most at peace and at my center while outside. Now that I think about it, wouldn't be pretty hard to be negative or have an argument while at a park?

    Please let us know when you've heard from your dad.

    Our love,

    Dave & Corb

  2. And I agree with you guys - so much of our lives are spent between "walls" - the feeling of openness and fresh air makes us - well, come alive again. It is scary when I stop and take a moment and think about the invisible changes that are happening all around us - without us knowing - factories, pollution, chemicals, ozone warnings - it really is a challenge for some to simply breathe. Nowadays, it seems like every child has some form of asthma - and it scares me - how silently this is all happening - to our world.

    Ah yes - let's enjoy it as much as we can now - before we are all forced to go to oxygen bars on a daily basis.

    See you at the tennis court today!


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