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happy mamas make happy babies...happy babies make happy mamas

Mother's Day sneaked upon us before we could even accept the fact that it's May already. Noah will be turning one next week - oh my - and so much of this past weekend was spent planning for our first family trip together to the beach and well - celebrating motherhood. At 12:02 am, while still on the computer, Aaron donned me with a gift he helped the children create - artwork with the words Happy Mother's Day - thanks to their daddy who handmade a stencil for them to pound their brushes into so that it's 100% theirs. We had breakfast at La Madeline, my favorite coffee and croissant awaited and we dined with so many other moms and grandmothers - it was all the more sweeter. After the kids had enough of their high chairs, we headed out to the Dallas Arboretum to join my family for lunch on the lawn with an impeccable view of the lake, May's blooms, and salads of sorts made by the men.

Uncle Greg sent Ava on a wild duck, duck, goose run - and we all enjoyed the lovely Sunday weather being together, people watching - and listening to music from a pianist in the background. Ava kept inching forward to the lady - it was so amazing how her shyness was superseded by her desire to touch the keyboard. When the woman stopped and asked if she'd like to play, Ava was without words.

Until she finished. Uncle Greg brought her down and she came running straight into my arms. I told her how proud I was of her while smothering her with kisses, and she looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I'm soo happy."

I paused. Broke into a million pieces inside, and said, "I'm so glad bachem [child in Farsi]. I'm soo happy too."


  1. It was such a neat sight…

    Once we got to 'our spot' at the arboretum, I think we all spent the first 5 minutes just watching Ava run barefoot around us in the soft green grass. I got exhausted just watching. Noah wanted to badly to join her, but instead he settled for gripping onto his wagon and watching his sister zip by every 23 seconds until finally she got a little tired.

    Soon Noah will be running those laps with her… then we are in trouble...

    I can't wait!

  2. ooh ooh more video please! Zar, I have a book you must read especially in light of your father, well actually your whole family. I thought of you last year when I read his first novel. If you give me your address I will send it to you. I think you would love it, of course, when you actually have time to read. Like in say 18 years or so. :)

  3. The video bought me to tears even though I go to see our little pianist in action on that day. Those few hours admist all of natures beauty - we were all together - seeing our children drill their feet in the grass and mud and just simply enjoying them and each other. It was a perfect monther's day....

  4. Heather! My first attempt at uploading a video here - it was too easy, so there will be more ;) Is the book you're recommending by any chance KiteRunner? ;)

  5. I still can't get the dirt out of Noah's toes from the arboretum - funny how you should mention the boys "drilling their feet in mud" - that's exactly what they did! I guess there's something very "earthy" about raising boys and their natural tendencies to "get dirty" ;)


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