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Ava and Noah are under the covers these days - together. Both ran a small fever, runny noses, some coughing and ugly upset stomachs. When Ava cried - Noah chimed in. When Noah whined, Ava wanted up in my arms also. I spent the day juggling between nurturing each individually or together in my arms, Dad calling asking about email [??], laundry from last week, vomit, laundry from today, preparing lunch, more crying, preparing lunch again so that they would eat something, and of course meeting deadlines for work. It was the slowest morning I've experienced since I was 10 yrs old. I'd check my watch - nap time yet? No - 4 more hours to go - egh.

All of a sudden, there are these moments - too precious to walk away from after snapping a shot with the camera. So I stayed, and comforted them while they were being comforted by their beloved
Scholastic tapes, crackers and prune juice.

And moments like these, in bed together reading books and sharing their ultimate favorite Baby Mum-Mums rice rusks. At one point, Dr. Noah extended his finger out to Ava to remind her to rest.

And with all this fun - nice long naps came out of it - and a mommy who regained all consciousness to hit the office and crunch some web designs. Before I knew it, nap time was over, Noah was crying again and Ava repeated "Ava's awake" at least 5 times. So the afternoon began to take a deep plunge UNTIL super Mom showed up at my door - aka my Mom. She was in the area for a Dr's appt and decided to surprise me and Aaron with a date night instead of our usual Thursdays. Oh - how perfectly-you-read-my-mind kind of a Mom she truly is.

I showered, lined my eyes, and threw on a new top. Aaron who was occupying Ava outdoors had no idea what we were up to until I opened the door and said, "guess what - we're going out - tonight!"

And we did - we indulged on braised beef and bills, strawberry Napoleons and satire, coffee with lots of cream and conversation. And the fire behind our backs was the perfect backdrop setting to a long fulfilling day as parents and husband and wife.

*Tip #1: If I could give unsolicited advice to new parents - it would be this: make a date with your spouse - at least 1x week. Because parents are couples - and both need to be equally nourished and replenished now and then. It is SO important to us that Ava and Noah experience their mom and dad with genuine laugh and love when we are all together. And that means making time for yourself and your partner. Have those obligating topics of conversations [like finances]- as well as romantic whispers in the ear [think sexy] - for nights out on the town - alone. Get on the mailing list to upcoming performances on stage or try scoring some tickets to a game. Make it fun - and mix it up from time to time so that you will keep up with it. Oh - and take turns planning!

*Tip #2: I discovered [not me personally - I found it online] a cure for constipation with kids. It has worked every time and today was no exception - mix a cup of water with corn syrup [um... about 2 tblsp] and have them drink the entire cup - they will - it's pure sweetness. Don't go overboard with the syrup though. Just enough to get the job done.


  1. It was a delightful evening. As as were setting up the camera on the tripod (aka 20 trays for carrying food and some books Zarlacht brought for reading afterwards) someone asked what we were doing. I told him Zarlacht was a food critic and was writing up something on the restaurant. He bought the story much too quick, so i felt obligated to tell him the truth...

    Before I could explain that we were, in fact, private investigators and were spying on the couple sitting directly behind them Zarlacht chimed in and told him that she was testing out a new camera...

    Obviously she is still a closet blogger. Maybe once she gets a cult following and more replies on her stories, she will be more comfortable saying its for her blog.

  2. Great photos, you get better by the day! Since it appears your kids will actually drink prune juice (???)something we use at work is prune juice and butter (don't ask) and people actually drink it and yes. . . I am there to clean but I think it is better when they are young cute bottoms.

  3. Ha! I know what you mean about cute bottoms. If I could tell you how many times my right hand has washed... never mind. So butter huh? Interesting. It's really good to know these things. Watching Ava scream because she can't pass - is heart wrenching. And thanks for the compliment on the photos - I really am trying. Ok - so I'm a closet blogger ... but I am proud of myself taking pictures, standing on chairs and not minding anyone else in the room watching me. Reminds me of the time we took my wedding dress to Rome with us and we started shooting at St. Peter's Sq. People stopped - took photos - it was insane. Walking from piazza to piazza, I lifted my dress and crossed traffic - Roman traffic. A french nun stopped us and blessed us - I think. It was in French. It's amazing the feeling of being so professional. People are naturally curious - what is she doing?

    Maybe I'll get the blog name imprinted on the back windshield of the suv to advertise the blog - what do you think?

  4. Catching up on my reading this AM before a conference call. You all have such fun! I wish as much for my family. Baby G will be here in two to four weeks. We can't wait!

  5. I'm soo excited for you Michelle!! The anxiety can be unbearable at time huh? I know... I know...

    You and Joel have the perfect blended family - between the two of you, intelligence, culture and love for life - baby G is one lucky little girl! We look forward to welcoming her and trading stories with you! xoxoxox

  6. Corbin and I are so are glad to hear you and Aaron have a date night once a week (Corb and I do the same, but I have a feeling our lives aren't as busy ;}

    If you ever want to double date, Thursdays our usually our date night as well (since we work most weekends)!

    Hope to see you soon!


  7. That would be WONDERFUL you guys!!! Just like our college days - remember those? You guys hosted countless romantic evenings with homemade dinner and a fun board game at the "apartment" and of course, there were those nights at Cool Beans or The Loophole spent philosophizing about the world, politics and oh yes, religion. I loved that!!

    Oh yes - we must do those again... Yeah!!! I'm excited just thinking about it! If you haven't made plans for next week yet [8th] - we'll take it as our week and pick a new place for the 4 of us... I'll email you ideas...

  8. Super Mom told me how you threw yourself in her arms and asked to be nurtured. We are blessed with a great mom.

  9. I know - sometimes I wish she'd stop being "mom" so much - and she'd respond with "But this is all I know - how to be your Mom" - and she's right. Days like these, I just melt in her arms.

  10. I say yes to the back window idea. around here it seems that everyone does something like that. Imagine the possibilities!? You will always wonder, think if you got some really great recognition and even a book offer?!!! Crazy huh? I would read it. Oh and you have to heat it up (the prune and butter), I think its the fat in the butter and then just the fact that it is prune juice. Oh, and your dad looked great in the photos, granted it has been what like 14 years and breif at that, but all the same. Miss you.


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