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capturing moments

I am having a love affair with my camera these days - except for yesterday, when only one of the biggest milestone happened for Noah. He walked! One foot in front of the other, he carried himself over to me from Aaron's arms. Oh it was joyous. The moment he fell, we all cheered and he looked up not realizing what the big deal was. Until we made him do it over 10 times. I did sneak in the video camera for one of his attempts but not my lovely camera. Forgive me SLR. I will make it up to you today. But in honor of you and Ava who loves to play with you when I'm not looking, I'm posting the picture Ava took on Thursday. See if you can make out what it is...

This is the perfect example of how life happens too fast. And rather than rush to unpack a camera to capture it, or yell over at Aaron, "GET THE CAMERA- HURRY!" we both were fully engaged in Noah's moment - creating a very different kind. And we will share with him when he's older... "Oh, I remember the first time you took your first step....Ava was jumping around making circles around you - and you waved your arms and balanced yourself as best you could, collapsing in my arms just a few feet away... oh I remember..."


  1. It was great to share the moment with you and aaron - nothing could describe the pure happiness on his face.

  2. It was a moment i will never forget.

    Noah's first steps took place in our living room and by his third try he was able to fire off about 10 a steps in a row. (I think the fact that Zarlacht was exactly 10 steps in front of him helped him along.)

    Next week he'll be mowing the yard, right?


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