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the gift of exploring

Once in awhile, I like to be lost. With a map of course. A map to find perhaps treasure from my past or something new to bring home. Whatever the occasion - they are often surprising little detours thrown at me when I least expect it. So was the case when I came home from shopping on Sunday and found this taped to the front door:

The white little paper trail led me to our bedroom, where I found 3 giggling treasures waiting for me in the play tent. I joined the crowd with one big leap, squashing Noah who couldn't contain himself inside any longer. He didn't cry - in fact - we all laughed and exploded with "hoorays" picking up the small pieces of paper and throwing it over our heads. Aaron said Ava was a big help arranging the trail - and sort of picked up on the idea that "mommy was coming" and that "she'd be able to find us if we hide."

I can't tell you enough how great this feels - and am deeply appreciative of Aaron who puts forth this extra effort to orchestrate a fun maze for me time and time again. Whether it's before a date night - or a lazy Sunday afternoon - It's the little things that get me.

Do one for your loved ones and recruit your kids to help - this is really perfect for all ages. Let's get started:

1] Take 1 step back and pull out a piece of paper right now to jot all this down - because you really need to do this and not say you will.

2]Think of a place at home where you can stash your gift, fresh flowers or even the kids - this will be the "treasure."

3] Start at the point of entry - eg. where your spouse can't miss finding the map [like front/garage door, car windshield, etc.]

4] Draw a colorful map using arrows, dotted lines, and reference points. The more illustrative - the better. [no previous art skills necessary]

5] Write down instructions on how to get to the treasure - using either hints or a count of actual steps. If you have the extra time, add little trinkets along the way [candy, photos, love notes, etc]

6] The final destination doesn't have to be anything fancy - the process of going through a maze that was created by a loved one just for you- is the treasure itself - and the little cartographers who helped create them.

p.s. if you are into something more adventurous, and want to join your community - try geocashing. After discovering there are more than 100 "hunts" within a 25 mile radius from our home - we've decided to take this on and introduce the kids to the world of exploring beyond our backyards. Plus, Ava is anxious to use the GPS, or what she calls, "little computer." I will keep you posted on this latest trend I found.

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  1. This was fun! I did one of these a while back when Ava was a wee girl and Noah was still a bun in the oven. It took alot more time, but was well worth it. First I left a note in a hiding place that told Zarlacht to check the windshield of the car... because that is where i was going to hide the map.

    Starting from our house, i measured distances and jotted down points of reference on the way to one of our favorite hot spots at Mockingbird Station. Once I got there, I drove back to the house and snuck the instructions onto the windshield of the car and sped away back to the restaurant. Then I called Zarlacht (who was working in the office) and I told her I left something in the hiding spot and waited for her to find it. When she found it and informed me she was up for it... I just hung up the phone and waited with Ava. About 25 minutes later, she pulled up and we had a wonderful evening. Sometimes you have to get a little creative to get your loved one/partner out of the house and away from work (that will never end) -

    whether it is sending e-mails from flower patches...

    making maps....


    what should i try next?



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