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to the garden we go...

There aren't too many local spots that we can take the kids to stretch. So when beautiful warm weather rolled around on Saturday, we threw the kids and their wagon in the back of the car, picked up sandwiches and headed straight to the
Dallas Arboretum for lunch.

Noah took this opportunity to show us his surfer's stance while Ava snapped photos with the digital. She also was responsible for setting the timer on the SLR camera sitting on the tripod. She'd press the timer, wait for it to beep, then run into position laughing all the way. We shared a yummy lemon chill and people-watched before heading home.

The arboretum is definitely a place to bring the entire family - of all ages. We've been members since Aaron and I were dating. Ava's been coming here since she was 3 months old. And now Noah gets to join in on the outdoor fun.

If you plan on going at least twice with 4 people, get the family membership - which entitles you to bring up to 6 people as often as you want for one year. And you get free parking. So if you haven't been yet - go. The amazing Spring Blooms finished this weekend, and I'm so bummed I missed the tulips already - thanks to the heavy gust of winds last week. But you'll still see, enjoy and learn more about botanical gardens then you'd ever want to know... And perhaps even make simple outings like these into a family tradition of your own.

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  1. How beautiful you all are, my goodness. You look as thoughten years was really just yesterday. Life, love and family suit you very well.


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