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the heart of the matter

The past few days are somewhat of a blur. Noah's appointment with the cardiologist on Thursday brought us very good news. After an ECHO and EKG, the doctor said Noah's heart has a "quality sound to it." Nothing more. I can't even begin to tell you how quickly my mind wandered 2 weeks ago when his pediatrician first told us he had a heart murmur. Murmur?! Whose murmuring?? I didn't let it get to me until yesterday when I undressed him for his tests.

We came away from the appointment in sheer celebration - feeling so blessed that his heart is healthy, strong and musical. The following day we learned that Aaron's Dad, Ron, was being checked in to Medical City for heart surgery. The irony was deafening. I don't do well with news like this because I don't know what it means. It's the heart - a vital organ. And we are at its mercy. Period.

The next morning, my sister and brother-in-law with my little man Humzah in tow and awake, knocked on our door at 5am. It was a grim morning salutation - I was happy to see my family, but wished it was for a different reason. They came to help us with our kids so that we could visit with Ron before his scheduled triple-bypass. Aaron's entire family, in strong spirits, was there to wish him luck.

This time together at the hospital reminded me of how courageous and strong my mother-in-law is and how much she endures. I was also comforted by seeing brothers and sisters and a beautiful niece surround each other even at the foot of their father/grandfather's bed before major surgery and yet still laugh and talk about anything and everything. While the seriousness of the event stood deep in everyone, it was the positive energy and love brimming from a family being all together with one intention in mind that was so heartening. They amaze me. With Ron in first place.

Here we are at Chuey's celebrating and anticipating seeing Ron after his initial recovery.

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