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a sweet new family tradition

Sunday mornings are cherished. Whether we have plans or not - there is always something so relaxing about waking up to Sunday. We stretch. We dance around and over each other. We're in our pajamas longer than need be. It's the only day of the week we really feel we can exhale. Things move slower - and that's ok.

It had been raining the entire night so we woke up to gray skies - which for the first time felt welcoming as it contrasted so dreamily with the emerald green grass and trees. It was beautiful! Sunday was a beautiful rainy day and we got dressed as soon as we rolled out of bed so we could go out and enjoy it. The temperature had dropped significantly - down to 50 - and so jackets were in order. I had Ava's rain boots out but she wouldn't wear it. I wasn't going to argue - if wearing pink sparkly shoes with the new flannel pants I made her made her morning sweeter - than it was perfect. Because we were on our way to indulge on sweets ourselves.

We made the not-so-close drive to a new
Dunkin Donuts that had opened up on Preston. Dunkachinos, chocolate glazed donuts, yummy milk - and a family gathered around a table enjoying every single bite [Yes, even Noah too who could tell when I'd give him a piece without the chocolate frosting] - was truly fun and sweet all around. A quick glance around the room made it obvious that we weren't the only ones who thought so... Couples, father and son, Mother and son, friends, and entire families - all had donuts and stories to share on this cold morning.

For me, Dunkin Donuts reminds me of growing up north. We'd almost always stop during road trips to visit cousins and grandparents in Massachusetts over the cold months. And when I was older and traveled with Aaron - we'd stop and indulge as well for nostalgia sake and for creating new memories together as a couple - sipping hot dunkachinos while people watching and reminiscing and even dreaming about the future. Now with our kids in tow, we are doing the same. In keeping with tradition, old and new, we hope trips to DD with their parents on cold rainy mornings will always be extra sweet.

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