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st. paddy's day treasure hunt

Lucky for me, the kids slept in on Thursday. I wanted to do some of the activities I had suggested in my SavvySource article yesterday, so I spent some time searching for a scavenger hunt idea and came across this DIY St. Patty's Day treasure hunt post. Lucky for me (again) there were downloadable files pre-written with fun limerick clues. And well, one thing led to another - where I ended up in the art room, watching a how-to-video on YT on making four-leaf clovers, cutting and whip stitching "pot of gold" goody bags out of felt using the one-minute craft blog idea {which actually took closer to an hour} because you know me, I had to improvise... and well, I think the kids had fun...

paddy day hunt - clues

paddy day hunt

paddy day hunt

First clue... in a shoe...

paddy day hunt

paddy day hunt

2nd clue... where you keep your hands warm...

paddy day hunt

3rd clue... under a plate...

paddy day hunt

paddy day huntpaddy day hunt

paddy day hunt

Ava and Noah loved the treasure hunt - it's such a thrilling momentum for them. We'll be doing another one this weekend for our New Year holiday on Sunday {can't wait!} Noah ended up wearing his pot of gold around his neck {since he had to eat breakfast first}. After some clean up, we went into the backyard and what's this?

looking for 4 leaf clovers

Could it really be shamrocks peeking through from the cracks? {Why is it that I never noticed these before today?} Needless to say, we're now hunting for four-leaf clovers...

Looking for 4 leaf clovers

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